Replacing Spark Plugs

pandora9, May 10, 2:21am
Ok motoring types . it's my first time venturing in here, so be gentle please. :-)

I've got a 2001 Ford Falcon Futura (6 Cylinder) - would anyone be able to give me an idea of how long it would take to replace a set of plugs!I've just been quoted an hour and a half labour by my normal servicing agent and this seems a bit excessive.

321mat, May 10, 2:35am
That is a stupidly long amount of time - what are they doing, getting an apprentice (on his first day) to do it!

Look, you're replacing 6 spark plugs. 30 minutes, tops.

AND MAKE SURE those bozos gap the plugs correctly, or your car won'r run as well as it could.

pandora9, May 10, 2:40am
Thanks - that's pretty much what I thought.I actually asked if they were taking the motor out to do it!

toyboy3, May 10, 3:15am
don't be surprised when the leads break pulling them offto change the plugs

pollymay, May 10, 3:18am
We had to pull the oil pan, remove the crank and drop out the pistons to get to the sparkplugs.they were dirty.

autocars1, May 10, 9:26am
Mate, just did a test on mine for the sake of it 18 minutes, all out and new in, car running. You are being ripped it yourself. It's easy as. Wait for the car to cool down though.

johnf_456, May 10, 9:32am
Yup, its not hard at all.

ml6989, May 10, 9:49am
I hope they all come out easily for you and haven't been in there for 100,000km and siezed in threads. I think your 1.5 hours would be 'worst case' in the event of difficult removal.

unbeatabull, Feb 4, 9:07am
If it was a BA Onwards it would make more sense due to having to remove a bit to get to them, but not AU. We charge normally around .4-.6 of an hour to do plugs on most cars unless extreme case