Melting plastic headlight plugs/connection.

hamtostie, May 11, 7:54pm
Hello team. 1997 Nissan Sentra.

The plugs that clip in to the headlight bulbs have melted, resulting in loose connections that need to be pushed back on regularly. I am looking to replace the plugs, but before I do, any thoughts on why they would be melting! Havent checked the bulbs, but perhaps different wattage!
Thanks in advance, Steve.

paul271, May 11, 8:19pm
Very common problem on Nisaans, we do quite a few. Cut another plug off a car at the wreckers,and solder it onto the loom. Make sure you clean up the contacts inside and then click it on.

falcon15, May 11, 8:20pm
Its pritty comon on older nissans for this to happen when the plugs are loose and there is a bad conecting it heats up and melts the plastic around the terminals. You can buy new plugs from repco or bnt

dave653, May 12, 2:01am
If they are loose, couldn't you crimp them a bit tighter! Our VN did the same, but I had fitted 80/100 watt bulbs. Swapped to 55/60 +90's and the problem went away.

hamtostie, May 12, 11:10am
Thanks for the replies guys. Will replace both and check bulbs.

dent, May 15, 10:34am
yeah high wattage bulbs and crap connections. You can but heavy duty plugs and solder them in to your loom.

clark20, Feb 22, 1:49pm
Any Auto Electrician will have new replacements at a low cost, don't bother with second hand.