Where is the brake equalizer on a nissan primera

plasticboys, Apr 27, 4:19am
p10 1990 for the rear service brakes! or does it not have one.cheers

woki, Apr 27, 4:33am
It doesnt have an equaliser ! You need to equalise your brakes . IE; check that both shoes are even in wear and operation . .

plasticboys, Apr 27, 5:51am
just put new drum pads in and re machined the drums and still the same! piss me of.been to the wof 4 times today! dont know what the hell to do. bleed the brakes to.

cypherboy, Apr 27, 5:54am
Bias Valve should be mounted on the firewall right behind the inlet manifold or if the valve just looks like a 4 way splitter then the valve will be built into the brake master cyl.

Im guessing its a VTNZ wof fail on their fail rolling drum brake tester!

plasticboys, Apr 27, 5:56am
Im guessing its a VTNZ wof fail on their fail rolling drum brake tester!yes it wasVTNZ thanks will see if its there

bjmh, Apr 27, 6:10am
if you have unbalanced rear brakes ,the brake prop valve won't help,i have a lot of vehicles from local testing station.brake roller.with unbalanced rear readings.is it drum or disc rear brakes, sorry you have put drum pads,, !

plasticboys, Apr 27, 6:11am
drum brakes

bjmh, Apr 27, 6:14am
if you have replaced rear shoes,cylinders etc and machined drums.try swapping drums side for side.readjust and recheck.Other thing to watch is leading and trailing brake shoes and springs in same place

plasticboys, Apr 27, 6:26am
the only thing l have not replaced is the cylinders. l will post a pic ifyou think this is a equalizer or not

johnf_456, Apr 27, 6:53am
Try warming the brakes up before you go in, engage the hand brake one km before.

plasticboys, Apr 27, 7:16am
when l go down a hard metal road the 2 rear brakes lock up at the same time.but on thatmachineof theres it takes it past that point of lock up and one goes higher than the other! if l stuck air in the good side of the cylinder it would make it closer but seems silly to do.

woki, Apr 27, 9:46am
Change the wheel cylinders and ensure that both sets of shoes are adjusted correctly . They should be adjusted up until they just grab the drum and then back off a fraction . The pic you show is the master cylinder , leave well alone . Do warm your brakes before a test . If you fail one VTNZ then go to another if you have one in your town .

plasticboys, Apr 27, 2:08pm
l dont know what replacing wheel cylinders would do ,there not leaking! but is the only thing not replaced so maybe

icemans1, Apr 27, 2:17pm
brakes can be a pain at times
try re adjusting the shoes. maybe ya got a sticky piston in a wheel cylinder

plasticboys, Apr 27, 2:19pm
the other way around

icemans1, Apr 27, 2:23pm
when you did the brakes, did you have both wheels off the ground at the same time!

plasticboys, Apr 27, 2:30pm
yes went back and fouth with somone holding a set pressure.set the hand brake up first. they feel the same onlowpressure. on there machine they go up the same to a point then one keeps on going higher

plasticboys, Apr 27, 2:33pm
l mite have to take it to get fixed somwhere. lhave never had a promblem in the past setting them up.so a bit lost

toyboy3, Apr 27, 7:55pm
are the leading and trailing shoescorrect

plasticboys, Apr 27, 7:59pm
think there is only one way around they can go

sr2, Apr 27, 9:20pm
I'm no Nissan expert (left the industry before the Jap invasion) but it looks lke a residual line pressure valve to me. The trick with drum brake is to have good linings radiused to fit the drums, wheel cyls in good condition and the correct assembly and ajustment procedure.

plasticboys, Apr 27, 11:51pm
yes just got told the same thing from the brake shop it is one. there is one more to the side as well.

plasticboys, Apr 28, 8:58am
fifth time lucky

plasticboys, Apr 29, 3:36am
it past!

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