Chrome window tints - the law

shuddupowh, Apr 28, 6:29am
JUst had a look on the ltsa website about window tints (window glazings they class it as) and it says the usua 35% max blah blah I already know. But, doesnt say what colours we are allowed. Does that mean, I can use any colour tint I want aslong as its no darker than 35%! For example, chrome/mirror tints that are 35%. !

1ollie, Apr 28, 6:31am
Dont know about the exact law but any normal police officer will say "Mirror surfaces are fully illegal as they can blind other motorists" then followed by you having to remove them if your lucky or a pink sticker if your not!

zooki007, Apr 28, 6:35am
Overlays they are referred to as, and yes chrome/mirrored overlays are illegal.
Check out .
Reason for failure??

ladatrouble, Apr 28, 8:23am
You should've looked up the NZTA site for latest rules - the LTSA site would be many years out of date.

aragorn2003, Apr 28, 8:36am
Mirror tints arent 35% they are more close to 0% because you can barely see through(sp) them(if at all) and thats why they are illegal because other drivers cant see through them and they can reflect the sun and blind people. you can get 35% tints that have a slight reflectiveness to them (midnight express i think is) which are the darkest tint you can have , you cant use the full mirror tint you used to see around all the time

franc123, Apr 28, 8:40am
They're illegal for good reason, end of story.

johnf_456, Apr 28, 8:42am
ltsa doesn't exist and if any page does exist its re directed IIRC

pollymay, Apr 28, 9:00am
illegal. I don't think the tint laws are that unfair here. I mean 35% at night is pretty dark. In the UK the limit is 75% (whoops put 15%, edit :)) which isn't even noticeable. Prolly one of the things I think they are fair enough with their laws on.

fordcrzy, Apr 28, 9:08am
i'm sorry but i had dark as F*** tints on my car for 3 years (the kind that is now illegal) and i never had any problems whatso ever seeing at night or any other time. people need to understand how tints work.just because you can't see in doesnt mean you can't see out either.

for_an_angel, Apr 28, 9:12am
20% all round bar the front screen on my van. never had an issue. not saying if I got pulled up with the front window up I wouldn't have a nice pink one tho lol

pollymay, Dec 21, 2:57pm
The law is designed around multiple car types. Flat window vans are easy to see out of, curved car windows are different plus I live in the country so a moonless night you can not see jack in my low curved reflective window sports car. I took the tints off cause I could not see very well, I may put 50% on it and try again though cause it can get hot in that thing with the black interior.