Drowned outboard motor

desmodave, Apr 20, 2:24am
Heading to the beach this morningi noticed a mates boat sitting rather low in the water .90hp johnson + 9.5hp both under fresh water.Will they need to go to shop to be striped or anything or is it just a case of drain the water and fire it up.I grabed the 9.5hp while i was there and i now have it running sweet.I havent drained the leg (will i have to) if i do what oil do i use to replace it.Cheers for any advice

thejazzpianoma, Apr 20, 2:35am
Leg/gearbox oil should be replaced annually anyway, and its cheap and easy to do so best to do it on both. Even the larger engines often only have not much more than a cup full of oil so you will only need a litre and chances are it will be the same oil for both.

Regardless of the brand of engine I really like using the performance gearbox oil sold by Mercury agents. Even the performance version is only about $25 a litre vs $12 a litre for the more regular kind.

Remember you fill it up from the bottom drain bung not the top, that way you get less air locks etc. If you don't have a suitable oil pump you can usually buy the proper thing for about $12 and its well worth it as you waste a lot less oil than with home made versions.

Good luck.

thejazzpianoma, Apr 20, 2:38am
Oh and with regard to what else you should do with a fresh water submersion. I am not sure exactly what standard practice is. But do be aware that modern larger outboards can have electronics on board so the bigger one may need attention/advice from a specialist.

I would suggest going and buying the transmission oil and asking at the boat shop about it while you are there.

Certainly a good spray over with a marine version of WD40 and an oil change would be the bare minimum. Plus anything else obvious like draining the carb and making sure the cylenders don't have water in them before trying to start etc. When you do get it going a good warm run would make sense. Probably other stuff I havn't thought of that someone more knowledgeable on boat engines could suggest.

desmodave, Apr 20, 2:45am
Not alot boat shops in Karameajaz but i will go and see my mate who owns it and see if he has called any1 for advice.The 90hp is a 2002 i think.

thejazzpianoma, Apr 20, 2:55am
If you get no further response here there is a great fishing forum that would help. You can probably order the oil online if you have a surf around. I wouldn't think it would matter if you waited a couple of days to replace the oil but probably wouldn't hurt to drain it straight away.

The bigger motor would be the concern, even have a google or ring the agents in another town to be sure of the procedure with that one being quite new and all.

topper, Apr 20, 5:05am
Plugs out, flush every thing with pre mix, turn the motor over with plugs out, tip motor on its end (upside down), flush everything and turn over some more.
Get it running.Once you have it running, get it back on the boat and let a 16 year old thrash it for at least an hour so that it gets really and throughly hot, spray fogging oil into the inlets until it almost chokes and turn it off.
Really important to get all moisture off of the bearings before letting the motor sit.

The sooner you administer this first aid following the dunking, the greater your chances of success.

If this doesnt work, you were going to have to rebuild it anyway.

Good Luck!

desmodave, Apr 20, 5:15am
They dont make it easy to drain the carbs.Wouldnt thumb screws be handy if you got swamped at sea and had buger all tools.All looks promising got the 90 to fire .

red97, Apr 21, 6:25am
cheers for that guys
after a few hours of getting the water out, got the old girl fired up and let her run for the better part of an hour, i dont know if the neighbours were as happy as i was because it was 1030 pm but hey

red97, Apr 21, 6:26am
if your ever i trouble desmodave is the guy you want driving past

budgel, Apr 21, 7:59am
Topper has it nicely summed up.

I had a mate's engine that had been swamped up and running not long after the dunking and it was trouble free for the next four years after which another motor was used.

johnf_456, Apr 21, 8:13am
Yup just use common sense get onto it quickly and the engine will be fine. The amount of people out there, that drown an engine then try to get it going after the winter by that time the damage is done.

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