Window washer not working

debz911, Apr 15, 9:38am
The window washer on my xr6 is not pumping water. Have flushed it out, refilled it, put a needle in the holes (they are clear), can hear the pump working and have tried blowing the bottle to get any air-locks out. Any suggestions before I take "her" to our Ford dealer! Thanks

paull, Apr 15, 9:43am
my old holden did this and i changed the pump and the lines and stiil does it, when you blow does water shoot out the jets,!could be sucking air, check all your lines for holes and make sure there stuck on probaly,

dr_blueoval, Apr 15, 9:47am
Without knowing what model/year it is, the two most common problems that affect Falcon screen washers are clogging of the pump filter or the feed hose up to the bonnet being kinked or crushed by the bonnet when it is shut.The pump filter is part of the rubber seal that attaches the pump into the tank.Remove the tank complete, disconnect the plug from the pump and the hose, prise the pump out of it and you will probably find gunge stuck in the filter.Rinse both the filter and tank out completely, refit and reconnect everything and then try it.

debz911, Apr 15, 9:48am
Thanks for your reply paull. Can not check the lines for holes as they are covered up under the lining. And no no water shoots out the jets when I blow into the bottle.

debz911, Apr 15, 10:06am
Thanks to you too dr_blueoval.I will have a look tomorrow to see if I can get the tank out without doing any damage!

jrlaw, Apr 15, 10:51am
Some winscreen cleaners clog the filter at the pump.Need to remove the pump and check the filter.

muzz67, Nov 3, 11:10am
some cars have a non-return valve, usually close to the bottle, to prevent siphoning emptying the bottle,,, block easily