Window Help?

bmw22, Apr 7, 12:39am
I have had my window removed to get some panel damage fixed on my subaru legacy. Because my window is pillarless, i know have wind noise from the window. Does anyone know how to adjust the window to reduce or eliminate the wind noise! Thanks

dingo011, Apr 7, 1:00am
Me Too I have a Forester with the same issue!

lookoutas, Oct 8, 6:08am
Hadn't seen this before, and have now read link to the prev post.
Firstly - A door doesn't need removing in order to change a front guard!
Secondly - The window doesn't need removing to take a door off!

Someone is pulling your wick.
And if a Panelbeater can't adjust it for you after a second attempt, then I would hope you haven't paid the bill.
If it was an Insurance job, and the P/Beater has failed as above, then you should contact your Insurance Co.
If the P/Beater has a sign out front saying CRA, go into here and have a grizzle:
They need to earn their crust