What songs would you say were good hot rod songs? Page 1 / 2

tradermark99, Apr 1, 5:24am
Not sure if it sounds silly but id like to get a song ipod mix for my friend. Thanks MRStradermark99

moosie_21, Apr 1, 5:29am
Heaven And Hot Rods, Stone Temple Pilots. Opened with it last weekend at their gig in Auckland, awesome!

tradermark99, Apr 1, 5:30am
Great, thanks everyone! Just need a few more and its all go

gunhand, Apr 1, 5:33am
Born to run, THE BOSS.

Whos gunna say Black betty LOL.

marcos1, Apr 1, 5:37am
409. Beachboys

lookoutas, Apr 1, 5:38am
And quite a few other Beach Boys songs. And I have to mention my Txt & Call ringtones - Mustang Sally (Commitments) Life in the fast lane (Eagles)

ringo2, Apr 1, 5:41am
Highway star.Speedking.-
.Born to be Wild.

74nova, Apr 1, 5:43am
I was going to say Hot Rod Lincolm by Asleep at the wheel too. Thats such a cool song.

lookoutas, Apr 1, 7:00am
Feast on this,I didn't know it was still alive!Made my day.

Also Route 66 - the Stones

lookoutas, Apr 1, 7:16am
That's OK mate. You have good qualities.
You can go a bit newer with Billy Ocean - Get into my car.

quickstitch, Apr 1, 7:31am
bruce springsteen- racing in the streets,gotta 68 chevy, 396, hurst four on the floor

marcos1, Apr 1, 7:41am
Voted most overused load of crap song ever.

knowsley, Apr 1, 8:01am
Mercury Blues - David Lindley http://www.youtube.com/watch!v=URm7Ze9a56o

richardmayes, Apr 1, 8:02am
Aqua - Barbie Girl

knowsley, Apr 1, 8:08am
Ride on Josephine - George Thorogood http://www.youtube.com/watch!v=XjZCtMg_j04

jmma, Apr 1, 8:22am
Tell Laura I love her,

carkitter, Apr 1, 10:37am
The best driving song ever IMHO:
Life Is A Highway - Tom Cochrane

lovemore_mbigi, Apr 1, 9:25pm
Anything by Rick Astley.

v8cougar, Apr 1, 9:39pm
kicking harold - gasoline

hotrodtodd1, Apr 1, 9:49pm
Pretty much anything off the soundtrack of American Grafitti.(the finest movie in the history of the world tho it does get a bit repetitive after youve seen it 30+ times)

Personally, I like unchained melody playing in the hot rod, and You'll never walk alone. Great cruising music.

i-n-horz, Apr 1, 10:28pm
Here's one most of you probably haven't heard.been one of my favourites for the last 30yrs.he has some other good songs too.

howie69, Apr 2, 12:47am
For all the T Bucket drivers I recommend "Singing in the Rain"

hotrodtodd1, Apr 2, 12:53am
Aint that the truth tho

cheviot, Apr 2, 8:59am
Green onions and turn the page.

mk3zephyr, Apr 2, 9:33am
hahahaha, dont forget mel and kim and villi manilli then

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