Ford Only Day - Albany

townie55, Apr 2, 10:11am
Went to start the 1974 Ford in aniticipation for Sunday.It starts and runs only while turning it over.When releasing the ignition from start, back to 'on' the motor stops.I guessing a faulty ignition barrel maybe.

I suppose taking the Chev Apache truck on Sunday is out of the question .

socram, Apr 2, 10:18am
Had to laugh at the full page ad in the Herald this week.Gave all the info except location!

franc123, Apr 2, 10:22am
Does it matter!The location is hardly important if your car can't even make it out of the garage.

jmma, Apr 2, 10:24am
Ballast resistor, just by pass it for the day or fit a new one

townie55, Sep 21, 4:04pm
I'll check that out jmma - thanks very much.Any info helps as I'm not too flash on things mechanical.

In the little research that I've done since you told me this, it seems the model of car I have was not fitted with a ballast resistor at factory, but the car has been restored at some point so maybe an aftermarket system is present.I'll know more tomorrow when I have a look at it.

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