Help please. honda

styla_mami, Apr 1, 12:17am
I am having trouble, I need a distributor for a 92 honda crx delsol asap, can anyone help please. Id prefer 2nd hand as its cheaper. Any help would be appreciated, i'm in west auckland

styla_mami, Apr 1, 1:07am
I cant seem to find the part I need, if I change the bearings inside the distributor will that work!

pete52m, Apr 1, 1:27am
hey try to inquire to (Strong for honda).

styla_mami, Apr 1, 2:03am
Thank you i have they are out of the part

tmenz, Apr 1, 3:04am
Did the bearings seize or collapse - They're known for it - likely wrecked the sensors too!
What's the type number of the distributor!
What motor is it!
If it's anything like the Accord distributor of the same year then you can't replace the bearings - however you can buy a brand new body complete with bearings, shaft and sensors from Honda. Transplant the coil, ignitor, rotor and cap and it's like a brand new distributor.

hijacka, Sep 21, 5:59pm
The distributor code is stamped on the distributor and will start with TD, there are plenty of replacements on here.

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