Van side window?

kngfhrt, Mar 24, 7:29am
can anyone tell me how to remove the rear slideing windows in the rear of my 1992 toyota townace van! Im wanting to remove them so i can tint them ive tryed takeing the rubber out then lifting them up to pull out but no go( any ideas please!

skin1235, Mar 24, 7:45am
remove the entire rubber, slides and all, with glass in place ( remove the lock strip first and push from inside)
and then you'll need to know how to put them back later - involves a long piece of strong cord and two people, sore knuckles and blisters in the finger joints, a crick in your neck and a sore back for the next 4 days

kngfhrt, Mar 24, 8:11am
thanks il give it a go tomorrow wish me luck sounds like il need it

tmenz, Mar 24, 8:42am
Not sure about a Townace, but in my Hiace the entire frame, sliding glass and all is held in place as one unit by rubber compound - a bit like windscreen sealant. This can be softened by careful use of a heat gun until the frame can be eased out at the top. Once this is done there are screws, normally hidden by the body panels,that can be undone thereby releasing the glass.
To reassemble, heat the compound again and push the frame back into place.

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