Window rust

jono2912, Mar 21, 8:04am
Hey guys, looking at a 91 liteace, and it has rust under windscreen. If windscreen was out (insurance as damaged) and I had taken dash out (depending on its location as I know Dads liteaces dash is next to window) how much would it cost for removal and respray of affected area!

twink19, Mar 21, 8:06am
depends how bad the corrosion is

jono2912, Mar 21, 8:07am

r15, Mar 21, 8:09am
diy- invisible rust, buy a can of newtech, and a flap disc for your grinder = $30!

properly - no idea

gtrmotorsport, Mar 21, 8:12am
about $150 is what my repairer charges my clients to remove window rust of about 50mm size thats cutting out welding in new sheet and prime paint. does not cover window fitment etc.

sir-ben, Mar 21, 5:59pm
i work in a panelshop, i do theese jobs all the time. if you go in there and say look, this is a filthy old car and i just want a wof- whats your cheepest job, they'd most likely weld in a plate, and finish it with newtech filler. then paint prime and thats it, depending on location and how hard it is to reach ect. around 170-200! (really hard to say without seeing it in person)
if you want the cheepest possible job, pull out as much as you can and make the area most accessible.

robbos1, Aug 10, 6:55pm
There are around 4 different screen combos for liteace/ townace, obviously rubbered in type will cost less than urethaned in type screen.

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