Clutch trouble. Isuzu elf replaced box goes into gear ok when motor not going put in gear and gears work ok she goes forward or

scoobeey, Mar 19, 6:06am
isuzu elf. replaced box .goes into gear ok when motor not going. put in gear and gears work ok she goes forward or reverse.Start engine and wont go into gear at all. had to bleed slave cylinder . used a one man bleerder from supersheep.pedal seems ok. Put a wooden block on clutch pedal and checked slave working ok.It is about 3 quarters out .Any ideas,,,,

digger80, Mar 19, 8:16am
has truck been sitting a while!, if so, plate could be stuck to the flywheel

bash, Mar 19, 8:39am
maybe clutch plate round wrong way

scoobeey, Mar 19, 7:48pm
Have clutch plate correct way roun d and flywheel been machined

jrlaw, Mar 20, 12:33am
Found a strange thing in a Nissan truck, the clevis pedal pin had worn the hole in the pedal under the dash. It was about 10 mms slotted. adjusted the push rod near the master cylinder and that fixed it.

digger80, Mar 20, 6:40am
was the spline the right one for the g/box,known this before,spline to small and won't stop g/box turning with motor running,just another thought

bash, Mar 20, 7:41am
maybe machined to much and plate catchin crank bolts

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