Stepper motor from 95 RVR

male_timaru, Feb 7, 12:25pm
Better to buy brand new unit or another known to be good 2nd hand unit - where would i go to get brand new one!Will ring Mitsi today (Weds) when they open - they're not open at 1.24 am i don't think lol

But anyone got any suggestions for me - thanks

Will they be an item still sold brand new

yogibearz, Feb 7, 4:42pm
Anything Electronics Bullen St Nelson sell recond units with a warranty

andy61, Feb 7, 6:01pm
Are you having more problems with the Mitsi!

rkauto, Feb 7, 6:36pm
you can get new ones cheaper than repairing them now,dasko do them

phillip.weston, Feb 7, 9:07pm
Are you absolutely positive the stepper motor is faulty! Ie have you measured the resistance over each pair of coils! Often it will just be a blocked throttle body and the stepper motor is at the end of its adjustment range.

male_timaru, Feb 7, 10:21pm
Very sure Phil - it's only on start up when cold and it's when stop she cuts out - have already cleaned throttle body (wasn't dirty as such but cleaned it anyhow) and bought some contact cleaner and cleaned air flow meter and put new air filter in

It's not fuel filter or pump and it's not injectors or air inlet manifold leak - so process of elimination has lead me to stepper motor - which is usual for an auto to stall due to a faulty one

ONLY happens in first 30-60 seconds of starting car up - never again for rest of the day

male_timaru, Feb 7, 10:21pm
cheers yogi - will check them out today for prices etc

male_timaru, Feb 7, 10:22pm
cheers will look them up also

dent, Feb 8, 5:06am
Id mesure the resitance like philsaid just to make sure. Correct me if im wrong phillip but you mesure middle pin top to left and right top. Middle pin bottom to left and right lower. Should be around 28ohms on all four.

male_timaru, Feb 19, 8:26am
turns out it was an intermittent fault on the coolant temp sensor in the end lol - thanks to mate who is auto sparky for donating an hour to go through ALL the readings of the sensors with me . hence why i was getting variations of fuel consumption lol!

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