Shudder through the steering wheel at 100kms,

market1, Feb 8, 7:49am
Any reason why this has started recently!

mugenb20b, Feb 8, 7:52am
Wheels out of balance.

rocky0169, Feb 8, 7:55am
or compound fault in a tire. or even alignment. most tire shop,s will do a free check for you.

ffbuksh, Feb 8, 8:07am
I had the same problem with my little mazda. Turned out one of the front wheels was slightly damanged and bent. Changing it fixed the problem.

rob_man, Feb 8, 8:15am
Your car is getting old and becomes afraid of high speeds. It is shaking with fright.

rocky0169, Feb 8, 8:16am
. usualy a out of balance issue,, tire,s rim,s alignment. one of the 3

thewomble1, Feb 8, 8:17am
automatic speed control device.

market1, Feb 8, 8:22am
Yes I admit to not liking depreciating assets(no cruise control on this beast).

morrisman1, Feb 8, 8:23am
probably rear wheel out of balance

kazbanz, Feb 8, 6:54pm
does the shudder change if you touch the brakes! --I agree with the above but another possible is slightly warped disks

market1, Feb 8, 8:11pm
Yes but only with the decrease in speed.

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