What wheel locks fit a small steering wheel?

flyingpencil, Feb 18, 4:38am
The car is a Subaru Impreza.Because of the risks associated with them I've got full insurance, but thought a wheel lock might be a bit of a deterent.My old wheel lock won't fit the wheel and also hits the horn all the time.

mugenb20b, Feb 18, 4:49am
Can you put it on upside down!

andrea_w, Feb 18, 5:08am
Seriously, don't bother with one of those steering wheel locks - they can be bypassed in seconds and are no deterrent. A good alarm installed by a good installer is your best bet

morrisman1, Feb 18, 6:03am
get a GPS tracking device, cheap at only a couple hundred dollars and as long as the unit gets cell reception then you are all good. They can be triggered by an alarm so they send you a text when your car alarm goes off or you can do it on request once you realise your car is stolen. You will increase your chances of recovery ten fold with a tracker.

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