Oil. Is there much difference between 1540 and 2050 motor oil my car uses 1540 but i have a 4 lts of 2050 could i top up with it

roseyglow, Apr 20, 10:48pm
is there much difference between 15/40 and 20/50 motor oil! my car uses 15/40 but I have a 4 lts of 20/50, could I top up with it, I have a 2002 suzuki aereo

mm12345, Apr 20, 10:59pm
It probably wouldn't hurt to top it off with it - but why bother!
4l of 20/50 isn't worth much , problems - as unlikely as they may be - tend to be expensive, and you probably know someone with an older or high mileage car who could use the 20/50, and might give you a bottle of wine or a few beers in exchange.

roseyglow, Apr 20, 11:00pm
yea ya right, will buy a pack

intrade, Apr 21, 3:30am
just use the best oil fully sinthetic from trade places i just got longlive fuchs fulli synthetic pack for my vw tdi that needs the best oil the world makes and it was only 60$ for a pack 5 liter

steve98h, Apr 21, 4:48am
you should never mix oils, so when "topping up" only top up with whats in the car already

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