Steering wheel shakes when I brake!

dyln.sampson, Apr 27, 7:29am
When I brake the steering shutters and shakes rapidly. Any idea why!

rbjz, Apr 27, 7:30am
you need new brake rotors

ryanm2, Apr 27, 7:30am
rotors warped!

beast9, Apr 27, 7:30am
warped discs seized caliper slides or worn brake pads but more than likely discs

kazbanz, Apr 27, 7:31am
disks are warped-need skimming or replacing.
Rephasing a tadd--its the most likely senario

skull, Apr 27, 7:31am
Get a second opinion, the rotors may be able to take a skim but almost certainly that will be where the problem lies.

sandndude, Apr 27, 7:38am

ninja_man, Apr 27, 7:43am
machine brake rotors and get new pads.

skin1235, Apr 27, 8:40am
and check the tyres, bulged, separated,
in fact get them checked before the brakes

dyln.sampson, Apr 27, 9:09am
Mayb cos two front tyres are down to there minimum

scuba, Apr 27, 10:40am
if that was the case they would shake at certain speeds rather than under braking.

scuba, Apr 27, 10:44am
normally out of round tyresor worn tyres shake at certain speeds
ie : moving off from a standstill or at40 / 50 kph or 100 kph or faster rather than under braking.
more likely to be brake issue orworn suspension bushs .

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