Dynatron alarm/immobilizer question?

tmenz, May 10, 8:35am
Closure! The interface is simply an aftermarket actuator driven by pulses from the Dynatron box and mechanically coupled to the drivers door locking rod. The factory CL system looks after all the other doors.
The problem was: a) Loose crimp connections from the box wiring to the actuator - taped inside the door panelling. b) A tired actuator.
A new actuator from Jaycar, some proper cable connections and all is good.
The Dynatron box is tucked up under the dash right below the brake fluid reservoir.

tmenz, Oct 17, 9:10pm
My Hiace van has a Dynatron alarm system fitted.
The alarm and immobilizer are working fine but the central locking function has recently become flakey to the point where the alarm now locks it most of the time but doesn't unlock it.
The central locking system is all OK as it works fine with the key.

Before I go digging for the alarm box, wherever it may be hidden - my question is :
Does anyone know if the interface between the alarm and the locking system is implemented with relays or by transistor/thyristor switches of some sort.

russ18, Oct 18, 8:11am
Not an expert but have fitted a few alarms to Hiaces, it depends on the year / model, some have a factory central locking motor in the drivers door some don't so you either fit a motor and relay control just that or go to the central locking controller behind the glove box.

tmenz, Oct 18, 9:08pm
Thanks for that - I was wondering where the CL controller is hidden - I haven't found the Dynatron box yet either - I think it's way up behind the dashboard!

r15, Oct 18, 9:13pm
like russ said, and it's probably something to do with the aftermarket lock motor itself or its rods being loosely attached.

tmenz, Oct 18, 11:28pm
I'm fairly sure the CL system is factory fitted as the wiring and fittings all look to be fully integrated. The CL system in itself works fine - it's just that the interface with the Dynatron system seems to be failing - that's why I'd like to know if a mechanical device such as a relay is used to connect the two - a relay is more likely to become intermittent and flakey than a solid state switch!

Sorry, I should have stated - 1995 2.4ZL LWB 4DR.

muzzie, Oct 19, 5:59am
Note - A 95 Hiace will have factory drivers door motor. On topic, that alarm brain for the dynatron in my Hiace was put in behind the instrument binnacle. Its a considerable job to get at to even look at, let alone get far enough out to start doing anything with it. If it was installed by Dynatron themselves, it will be well hidden, rest assured

bigfatmat1, Oct 19, 8:33am
The central lock interface for the alarm is housed in the alarm itself it will be controlled by two changeover relays. in turn triggered by transistors you will need special screwdrivers to pull the alarm apart. the alarm will be wired to send a neg pulse for lock and a neg pulse for unlock. If you back prob the central lock control unit or the alarm brain with a test light you should be able to operate the central lock with ya test light this will help you diagnose where the fault lies you seem to have a fair idea what you are doing if ya need any more help post back.

tmenz, Feb 3, 4:45pm
'muzzie' and 'bigfatmat1' - thanks for that extra info.
At first opportunity. I'll take a deep breath and start dismantling the fascia to get at the units.
I have a comprehensive kit of special screwdrivers for all sorts of security screws and implements of destruction for the others!
Hopefully, once I have some sort of access, a few minutes with the multimeter will tell me what I need to know and if, as I suspect, it's a faulty relay, I'll be able to replace it.