Altezza steering wheel shakes when I brake?

dyln.sampson, May 8, 7:47pm
When I break from high speeds my steering wheel shakes excessively ! How to fix my problem!

martin11, May 8, 7:52pm
Check you discs and calipersAlso wheel alignment

gadgit3, May 8, 7:53pm
Have the front brake rotors skimed.

kazbanz, May 8, 8:49pm
could you please explain to me how wheel alighnment can make a wheel shake under braking!
Yea yea I know you meant wheel balance-but its still funny

kazbanz, May 8, 8:55pm
Dylan working on the KISS theorystart with the easiest bit. Get your front wheels checked for balance and for any deformity of the tyre (bulges etc)
Next have a look at your brake pads at the front.You are checking thickness. -not with a micrometer Just is one pad noticeably thinner than the rest! -if you have anything binding up in a caliper this is a telltale sighn.
Next have the disks skimmed or replaced
If you work through stuff in that ordermost likely you will find the problem

martin11, May 8, 9:35pm
No I didmean wheel alignment it can affect your steering

tonyrockyhorror, May 8, 9:51pm
Start by having the rotors checked for runout.

a.woodrow, May 8, 11:07pm
Alignment won't make your steering wheel shake

realtrader1, May 8, 11:28pm
has it only suddenly started happening!
Gradually getting worse from a small beginning!
Essentially, the more info you can give, the better it is.Just like going to the Dr.

Ideas above can be checked, also, worn suspension, steering, loose wheel bearings.any and all of these things can contribute.

net_oz, May 8, 11:31pm
What is the vehicle! Maybe it's just the ABS giving the impression of the steering wheel shaking!

kazbanz, May 8, 11:34pm
Well if you were serious then PLEASE explain how wheel alighnment will cause the steering to shake under braking.

Actually --Hmm I guess in a really extreme case if toe in and the wrong kind of tyres.but the car wiould be virtually undriveable

martin11, May 9, 1:39am
If you have hit a curb one one side hard it can put your alignment out and cause a shake .

a.woodrow, May 9, 1:41am
It wouldn't be alignment causing the shake, it would be damage to rim/tyre/hub

petemun, May 9, 1:47am
ok so its only under braking. The shaking of the steet wheel is a vibration coming from most likely the disk rotors. A skim and new pads could help.Take it to a mechanic - they will sort it they will also look at bushes ect

martin11, May 9, 1:53am
The alignment will be out if the rim is bent

a.woodrow, May 9, 3:16am
No, alignment has nothing to do with the rim. Let's put it another way. If OP has a bent rim, and gets an alignment, will that fix the shake! - No it won't - he would need a new rim. Alignment out will make your car pull to one side or the other, or in some case give undesirable handling characteristics, not make the steering wheel shake under braking

I suspect given the description of the fault is that he needs to look at his brake rotors.

esprit, May 9, 3:42am
It's possible that play in the rack end or tie rod end(s) could cause steering wheel shake under light braking, but this would typically go away under heavier braking. Worn balljoints could cause this too.

kazbanz, May 9, 4:33am
arggg--the WHEEL ALIGHNMENTwill NOT be a cause of a shake in the steering under brakes at motorway speed. It will cause othjer issues but not the fault the OP describes.
Wheel BALANCE if slightly out can cause a bit of a shake.

andy61, May 9, 5:46am
Kazbanz- You need to start spelling ALIGNMENT better! Its not ALIGHNMENT LOL

kazbanz, May 9, 7:05am
yea yea ok

r15, May 9, 7:07am
altezza, see subject line.

it'll be warped discs.look at the cost of replacment disc rotors- often comparitive with machining old ones

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