New motor needed for blue car

jmma, May 19, 8:44am
Something that fires and knows how to win (o:

jmma, May 19, 8:52am
The drivers contract will be torn up and 15 Mechanics looking for new job(o:

jmma, May 19, 9:05am
Ah, just got the blue car started, long way to go to catch the red car though (o:

jmma, May 19, 9:17am
Motor died again, red car sprinting away now (o:

jmma, May 19, 9:31am
Red car top speed 59, blue car painfully got to 12, oh well off to the scrap yard for the blue car HaHa

jmma, May 26, 9:02am
Same things happening to the blue car again this week, changing mechanics did no good (o:

johnf_456, May 26, 9:04am
Talking to yourself!

jmma, May 26, 9:06am
Yes, so please don't interrupt (o:

lookoutas, May 26, 8:58pm
You can't expect john not to!

saffa2, May 26, 9:06pm
you need the silver motor.

nightboss, May 26, 11:17pm
Blue slot cars are so unreliable, use green ones.

cowboy110, May 26, 11:25pm
It doesn't matter what you do.The red car is always gonna be faster.cos it's red!

ema1, May 27, 12:07am
Blue cars .particularly FORDS rust quicker.

bellky, May 27, 12:09am
Nothing shouts homosexual louder than a red car.

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