Daughters car window smashed

mmb2g, May 30, 8:45pm
and things stolen. I don't really know what to do about this. She is 17, saved for her little car that has to sit on our front lawn. Schoolkids walk past our property everyday and this time took opportunity to steal and upset. Reported to Police but there is nowhere else for car to be parked. Burglar alarms so expensive to have fitted! She is gutted and as her Mum I am too.

kazbanz, May 30, 9:03pm
actually mmb I doubt very much they give a rats potutee if they upset your daughter. That sort of person cares nothing for other people or their property.
Im sorry that isn't intended to sound nasty towards you folk.
Its a good job she has full insurance with free glassbreak on it so at least the car will be fixed for free.
If you can't afford a real alarmsometimes a simple flashing red led set into the dashboard will put crims off a bit.

yogibearz, May 30, 9:25pm
Go to dick Smiths or similar electronics place and purchase an LED light. Have and auto electrican wire it in and place it in so that it flashes constantly when the key is off and out of ignition.Fit it in a prominent place so its visible and you have the impression of it having an alarm for about $40.
It worked for one of my cars for about 10 years.
You cant fix the problem of the scum bags who damage and steal. Its a sad part of the country we live in and the kids some of us have produced.

tonyrockyhorror, May 30, 9:26pm

pauldw, May 30, 10:03pm
Real alarms false trigger so often that hardly anyone cares. If it really was school children it would have been daylight and blinking LEDs probably wouldn't be noticed. What was stolen!

motorboy2011, May 30, 10:11pm
how do you know its school children! A, if you cant afford an alarm, you cant afford a car. B, never leave anything of value in a car.

mmb2g, May 30, 11:36pm
Thanks for the lesson motorboy. She is in year 13 at school. Vehicle has third party ins. She has learned a valuable lesson, one which I had tried to instill in her with regard to leaving her handbag in the car. I like the idea of the LED light. Will investigate. It may put thieves off a bit. It is very likely to be College kids as there is a walkway at the end of our road through to the school road. On a good note she found a few bits and pieces tossed out down the alley way. No handbag or purse though. Thanks

merrigj, May 30, 11:54pm
Best thing to do to prevent this is to never leave anything in the car.If there is nothing to steal they won't try to break in.

attitudedesignz, May 31, 12:01am
How does that statement work! I've got 5 cars and not one is alarmed. Then again if someone wants to try their luck then go ahead hahaha.

kazbanz, May 31, 12:12am
mmb--In fairness it is a valuable lesson for your lil gal. Definitely don't leave anything of value or perceived value visible in the car. I would even make surre any radio has a removeable face plate.

andrea_w, May 31, 12:18am
In my experience, this couldn't be further from the truth.
While it will deter some, others will still have a go

bitsy_boffin, May 31, 12:25am
Leave nothing in the car, and leave it unlocked.

motorboy2011, May 31, 12:54am
I have got 2 cars, both have been stolen, both I have gotten back. I cant afford to be without transport for work. $165 ensured I was able to get my car back and a person was convicted in relation to it. When I had a $500 car, it did not have an alarm, when parked outside it was left totally empty of things and un locked. 4 times while I owned it I found the glovebox open, chances are more than that had a look in it, never any damage. My mate that worked in a bar in town did the same, saved him getting broken windows and locks.

wellystretch, May 31, 12:59am
^^ This, same as if you can't afford to keep it with rego, WOF and insurance.

billyfisho, May 31, 3:27am
Best not to leave anything of value in the car. At least not in full view. Yesterday on Campbell live, they showed CCTV footage of thieves breaking into cars with alarms. The noise didn't deter them at all.

A steering wheel lock is good enough to deter joy riders.

andrea_w, May 31, 4:16am
Not really, they are easily bypasses in seconds.

bellky, May 31, 4:27am
Yep, cut through steering wheel with hacksaw and take the lock off - no sweat.

kazbanz, May 31, 5:36am
I think the emphasis is onthe word DETER. Yea anybody even semi serious is gonna cut through the wheel. But itll put the walking home yoofs off for a lil while.

vtecintegra, May 31, 5:58am
In my experience thieves will smash the windows before checking whether the door is locked.

n1smo_gtir, May 31, 7:39am
you could always tie up a big dog to the tow bar of your car. great car alarm and proximity alarm too. make sure the food and water bowl is within reach please.

gunhand, May 31, 7:50am
I agree with this.There is not many people who will take on a dog (a real one) but maybe its not practable for everyone to own a dog.
And unfortunatly unless checked often a dog could strangle itselftied to a tow bar.A dog inside the car is excellent but unless its a sleeper you may not have an interior left LOL.
But maybe a dog with a kenneland a long wire run past the car may work.
Better than any alarm or flashing light.
Or an exploding dye pack when they open the glovebox, but again messy.

paxandtrax, May 31, 8:19am
For a few dollars run a wire from the light switch that goes on when you open the door to the horn via the inside of the front bumper. This is where you put an on off switch. When they open the door the horn goes off. I know its not high tech but it works, did it on a new VW Golf around Europe years ago.

bmc460, May 31, 8:22am
hook the electric fence up to car. that will shift em

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