Idle stepper motor Q

kevlight, May 26, 7:39am
pug 405, petrol 2litre ,sparky disconnected ,the stepper motor to solve a stalling and idle problem,(its had wiring plug disconnected )my Question is does having the idlestepper motor unplugged,affect the fuel economy,or have any other effect.

tonyrockyhorror, May 26, 7:53am
Idle stepper motor merely regulates idle speed (increasing when the engine is cold) and under different accessory loads such as A/C and P/S and alternator (headlamps on etc.), selection of a gear from neutral/park (if automatic) and possibly the return to idle from above idle engine speeds to prevent stalling from the engine speed dropping too quickly in the absence of a damper.

No, it doesn't adversely affect fuel economy.

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