GPS Loosing signal Te Awamutu, Waikato Region?

nev48, Aug 3, 7:43am
Does anyone have this problem with their TomTom or GPS System!

crzyhrse, Aug 4, 10:13pm
My Wises system never drops signal or needs charging and most importantly I don't have to hide it away each time I park the car.

mike844, Aug 4, 10:14pm
didn't have a problem with the navman got all the way to aria & I bet you don't know where that is either

phillip.weston, Aug 4, 10:26pm
I do. But I am from the King Country though.

jason18, Aug 4, 10:50pm
Yeah I love having to pull over and waste time with maps.

stevel_knievel, Aug 4, 11:06pm
Do you have a tinted windsheild!

crzyhrse, Aug 4, 11:10pm
I just look before I leave.

crzyhrse, Aug 4, 11:12pm
I know a knob end who puts the GPS on to go between places he frequently travels between. Like home and the city.

phillip.weston, Aug 4, 11:19pm
I was the same. always printed out directions or tried to memorise things. But then I got a GPS and it was just so much easier to go places without having to stop somewhere and find out where to go. I often use it on open road trips I am more than familiar with, I find the speed display on the GPS is far more accurate than the vehicle's speedo and also has an over-speed warning too.

richms, Aug 5, 3:14am
Makes perfect sense, how else will it reroute you around problems if it is turned off!

crzyhrse, Aug 5, 3:18am
What problems!

crzyhrse, Aug 5, 3:22am
You guys must have no sense of direction! Are you sure you're not women!

lookoutas, Aug 5, 6:03am
I have complete faith in that Wises system too hrse.

There's not many ways into Aria! Although one could blink and miss it. And I also know where it is.

whqqsh, Aug 5, 6:21am
nope, been down that way a few times in the last year (as well as trips to Welly with various detours all over Waikato to pick up parts) & my Tomtoms never failed

nev48, Aug 6, 6:43am
ahh strange! We borrowed a friends one from TA and it never picked any signal up from there to Whangamata and back at all, then I went and brought one a week later - gawd knows why! it had signal all the time apart from TA area. who knows.

robbief, Aug 6, 9:53am
yes i have a tom tom that gets lost and takes you the long way around .did a trip around the south island and did not know the area we ended up all around the place.the map would have been better.

drew2009, Sep 15, 10:45pm
Maybe the GPS gets embarrassed because it can't pronounce the place names lol so it drops the signal.