2000 Ford Focus Auto

alhen, Aug 1, 1:29am
Just brought a focus and hoping someone could help us, motor is noisy partially when cold, thought it was muffler system but that all checked and OK, cam belt done before we brought it and we just replaced spark plugs and friend has told us that it may need re-coding (spark)or maybe new engine mounts! The motor moves around a fair bit when idling and we can feel vibrations thru the body when driving. Comments please!

mugenb20b, Aug 1, 5:04am
Do you see a problem here! ^^^^^ When a Focus is 10+ years old, that's the time to SELL them, not buy them. Although, I think you may just have noisy lifters, a bit hard to rectify problems over the net.

franc123, Aug 1, 6:17am
recoding spark thats a new one lol. Time to go get some PRO help and not advice from friends.You need to establish first whether its simply an engine miss thats causing it to rock and roll at idle or indeed one or more of the engine mounts is loose or broken, highly unlikely I'd have thought unless perhaps its a Yappanese import.It may just be a case of HT leads shorting out or else a crook coil pack, although if someone has stuffed up the cam timing when doing the belt it could cause a similar problem.What exactly does this noise sound like!

alhen, Aug 6, 5:11am
thanks for that, just got spark re-coded and it runs sweet now thanks

mugenb20b, Aug 6, 5:49am
Re-coded! Or regapped!

drew2009, Sep 15, 4:54pm
that year of ford "zetec" engines were terrible. id say your dramas are only just beginning. crap head gaskets, crap electrics, crap cooling systems, expensive parts and a generally unreliable unrebuildable engine. I have owned two both were the worst cars i have ever owned.
The later model ford 4cyls were a bit better.