Right Rear Park Brake on BA Falcon

nomannz123, Jun 29, 12:22pm
Any one know if there are issues particular to the Right Rear Park Brake, 2 work shops have tries to adjust but it will not hold. Last resort tomorrow is skimthe rear drums on both sides and see what happens there.
There is plenty of meat on the shoe, might be the cable not working properly.
Any thoughts appreciated

jmkn, Jun 29, 8:09pm
Replace the cable first

lyonruge, Jun 29, 8:37pm
Used to have this all the time on Falcon , there is a knack to it, have you been to a Ford dealer!
EDIT have you had a VTNZ wof check done!

lyonruge, Jun 29, 8:39pm
Dont replace the cable.

kazbanz, Jun 29, 11:19pm
have you tried adjusting it up a couple of clicks at a time with the drum off !
Logic says if the foot brake is testing fine then its just adjustment to get the park brake to work fine

modie61, Jun 29, 11:43pm
We used to back the adjuster right off on the left hand side,then adjust the right side to only just touch the drum,then readjust the left the same,was on taxis that needed to go for a cof a.
Most times never needed adjustment of the cables.

lyonruge, Jun 30, 12:04am
They have a disc brake/foot brake, with an internal drum and a horseshoe shaped handbrake single peice shoe. the problem is they bind and wear a lip on the drum, so to get the drum off, back off the cable riight off, then deadjust the shoe adjuster through the hole in the disc, and work the disc off, use some emery tape and rub off the lip if it isnt too deep, touch up the shoe as well, then reassemble and adjust the shoe so you can just hear it touching, then readjust the cable.

kazbanz, Jun 30, 12:10am
lyon--that explains why its a pain to do-and explains the whole machine the drums comment

lyonruge, Jun 30, 12:24am
Yep, they are! but you can away with emerytaping them if there not too bad.

lyonruge, Jun 30, 12:37am
The important thing is backing off the cable first, and adjusting it up last, brakes are all about leverage!

unbeatabull, Jun 30, 1:29am
I'd take it to someone who knows how to adjust them.

You don't have to take the drum/rotor off to adjust. There is a rubber bung in the rotor you can remove and adjust through there.

I have seen a few shoes that simply just give up the ghost, even though they still have plenty of meat on them. Id be swapping shoes side to side and see if the problem is still there or swaps with it, and then based off that result I'd swap the rotors side to side and see if the problem swaps with that.

If the drums have a bad lip on the edge of them it can give you a false adjustment as well, we generally just die grind the lips off them if they are too bad. Have only ever seen one cable give up the ghost.

Another thing to check is the adjuster/actuator, Pull it apart, if it has any dirt or grease in there, remove it! They are designed to work dry, if there is grease in there it hydrolocks it and it won't work.

tonyrockyhorror, Jun 30, 3:11am
What's the actual issue! Have you been kicked back on a WoF for handbrake performance!

carclan, Jun 30, 9:05am
I took mine to the Ford dealer and all was good

typhoon666, Jun 30, 10:43pm
Simple just buy a holden

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