Where in Hamilton for an inner steering tie rod?

daryl14, Jun 28, 1:01am
2003 Nissan Maxima A33.
I have a ball joint splitter so can do myself.
Will try Appco and Partmaster. Worth ringing Nissan!

lyonruge, Jun 28, 1:02am
ring Les at autosteer

daryl14, Jun 28, 1:15am
Thanks I Will!

phillip.weston, Jun 28, 5:03am
a ball joint splitter wont remove the inner rack end from the steering rack, especially on a FWD vehicle with a shrouded steering rack.

daryl14, Jun 28, 8:15am
Don't you just bend out the tab washer and then un screw it, After popping the ball joint out of the outer end!

That's how it went down on youtube.

If I get the boot off and can't get in around it to undo it, I will go to the proffs.

lyonruge, Jun 28, 8:41am
you dont need to pop the ball joint at the other end, just loosen the lock nut and unscrew it, count the turns though. you will probably have trouble loosening the inner rack, they are pretty tight, and youll need a special tool to undo.

daryl14, Jun 28, 8:49am
Yeah the guy on You tube bought the special tool and then said he was going to return it afterwards, heh heh.

I don't have the tool so if it looks to hard to get my big spanners in there I'll bypass it. $40 for the tyre shop to fit it up.

mugenb20b, Jun 29, 3:30am
A spanner!

lyonruge, Jun 29, 4:11am
if you have one big enough, and one that will fit in there, yep, i use an inner rack end tool.

phillip.weston, Jun 29, 4:20am
yeah you wont get a spanner anywhere near on most FWD vehicles with where the rack is positioned, usually shrouded by the rest of the rear crossmember. A special tool is most often required.

daryl14, Jun 30, 1:53am
Yup, had to go pay the man to change it out in the end. New rack end bought from Autosteer.

lyonruge, Jun 30, 2:14am
Good result!

daryl14, Jun 30, 2:30am
Yeah I even won a sticker at the testing station!

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