Steering rack boot P10

hondalova, May 25, 8:57am
you can buy stretch rack boots. used them at my old work. just pop the joint off the hub then follow instructions. better than messing up steering alignment. think you get them from repco.

johnf_456, May 25, 9:01am
Yup just make sure you lube it up well then use a towel or rags etc to help push it over. Like : have used these myself jono and I have even done it at home on axle stands with these. Repco sells them. Saves counting how many turns and no risking messing up the wheel alignment.!v=rrtQwjjLQFA
Not the same, but similar concept

jono2912, May 25, 11:37am
Ah well. Was done last year now, anyway. haha

jono2912, Dec 15, 6:19am
How hard would it be to change the boot on a 1990 P10 Primera TE!

I have a lil mechanical knowledge, somewhat limited, but would like to have a go at it myself.


maddrexx, Dec 15, 6:56am
relativley easy. the lock nut on the tie rod end loosen half a turn then remove the tie rod from the hub housing and count the number of turns while removing the tie rod end from the steering rack rod. cut off or remove boot put on new one don't forget to cable tie the boot the replace every thing

twink19, Dec 15, 6:57am
then get a wheel alignment done to save destoying the tyres

maddrexx, Dec 15, 7:04am
for got to mention that sorry dude

scuba, Dec 15, 7:13am
If you don't know what your doing either get it done by a garage or do it under supervision- steering not the kind of thing you want to experiment on-mistakescan be terminal.

jono2912, Dec 15, 7:22am
Do have mechanics in the family, so have something to fall back on. But the way it was described is the way I was gonna do it. Cheers guys

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