Light on dash

thelms, Aug 7, 9:35pm
Looked at a '92 toyota ceres yesterday, very tidy car,only problems I can find is light on dash (yellow shaped like engine) stays on for about 20 seconds after starting, what does this mean! Also speedo has just stopped working (apparently on thursday) what would cause this! thanks

andrewph, Aug 7, 10:43pm
The little picture of an engine is an engine warning light showing something may be wrong with the engines electrical system. If it stays on you have a problem. It stores fault codes in the engine computers memory . these can be accessed by looking in the engine bay finding the little grey diagnosis box on the left strut tower. Then short the wires marked Te1 to E1inside and turn on the ignition without starting the engine . The engine light will flash a code eg. 1 flash then 3 flashes. this is code 13 this can be looked up on the internet to see what they refer to.

ceebee2, Aug 7, 11:23pm
The reason that lamp will come on is that the fuel mixture is either too lean or too rich (ie backfire / misfire). Its connected to the oxygen sensor.

kazbanz, Sep 20, 7:07pm
hang on--it STAYSon --it doesn't come on. What is the time cycle for the engine check circuit in that engine!