Vs commodore central locking

jessie01, Jun 21, 11:46pm
my passengers door has just stopped responding to the remote and dosent move up or down. i can manually lock it though. does anyone know what my issue could be please

hopie, Jun 21, 11:54pm
dry solder!

ceebee2, Jun 22, 4:59am
Flat battery in the remote

jessie01, Jun 22, 7:44am
Its started working again, thats weird

40wav, Jun 22, 9:08am
Same as the fuel gauges on them. Just needs the 'Holden Handshake'.

trina112, Jun 22, 9:37am
I am currently driving the other halfs vs commodore and it's central locking has a complete mind of its own, doesn't help that the buttons on the remote are falling apart.
Well better than driving my car with the dodgy clutch.

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