Cheap n Nasty Chery recalled

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slarty45, Aug 7, 12:10am

v8_mopar, Aug 7, 12:15am
Hell its only 10k. Cheap as and ya get what ya pay for so prob a good deal

crzyhrse, Aug 7, 6:07am
Where's mapman got to!

crzyhrse, Aug 7, 6:20am
Is it mapman or Xu Ping Wah!

You give money now!

johnf_456, Aug 7, 10:28am
lol crzyhrse

franc123, Aug 7, 10:40am
Hmm, you'd think that manufacturers from a country hell bent on putting every other nation out of the manufacturing business would have done much more research on what they were going to sell in Western markets re safety standards.Good on the Aussie NCAP people for waving the stick, I don't think a redesign of a seat is going to solve their problems somehow.

crzyhrse, Aug 7, 11:02am
Fluck you, round-eye!

You give money now!

mapman, Aug 7, 12:02pm
Thanks for asking crzyhrse. I??

unclejake, Aug 7, 12:16pm
This Nissan Patrol ute test surprised me. I expect (hope) the wagon version is much better

trouser, Aug 7, 7:15pm

mrfxit, Aug 7, 9:03pm
Apart from the fact that the chassis appeared to do nothing to slow it down, it was the drivers door popping off it's latch that allowed the cab to fold in as far as it did

mrfxit, Aug 7, 9:22pm
BBAARRRR humbug, thats not a "big solid 4wd"

This IS!v=vLTFoUkNpuE

hyphen, Aug 7, 9:33pm
Now that'll give the soccer-mums big ideas!

kazbanz, Aug 7, 10:24pm
Dang it--as much as I dislike stuff from china--based on experience. I just have to ask the question.
Is a brand new cherry less safe than a 1980 civic, a 1990 starlet etc!
Fair enought new cars must be up to standards but how do they compare to older cars

kcf, Aug 7, 10:57pm
It'd be a bit odd though, comparing a brand new NZ$15k ish car (assuming that is about what they will go for on the road here) with a 20 - 30 year old $1k-$2k car.I agree, that likely the old car will be a deathtrap . but it's a bit like comparing apples with a chartered accountant.

purple666, Aug 7, 11:00pm
The rich want safe and the poor want cheap

drew2009, Aug 7, 11:58pm
96 Starlet looks to have held together better however the 80's civics did badly looking at crash test videos of both. The old 80s civics were tin cans.

slarty45, Aug 8, 12:23am
can opener in glove box if door locks fail

moosie_21, Aug 8, 1:16am
Isn't i great how they have all these nifty safety options which they test against in the crash tests!

Base Model Safety Features:
Electronic Stability Control
Front Side Curtain Airbags
Rear Side Curtain Airbags
Active Cruise Control
Traction Control
Antilock Braking System
Adjustable Steering Column
Fog Lamps
Front Airbags Driver
Front Airbags Passenger
Seatbelt Pretensioner Driver
Seatbelt Pretensioner Passenger
Seatbelt Rear 3 Point

My car has 2 of those options, and I wouldn't trade it in for a car that has any of those. We rely too much on the car to do the driving and not engage our own brains, and it's only going to get worse as time goes along. A big spike in the middle of the steering whell, as mentioned in a previous post, is the best safety option possible!

stevel_knievel, Aug 8, 1:56am
What major car brand has never had a safety recall! For what it's worth, cars with the same rating as the Chery on the ANCAP website include: Toyota Landcruiser, Hyundai Accent, Mitsubishi Colt, Nissan Patrol, Kia Rio, Ford Transit and the Alfa Romeo 147, all current models.

slarty45, Aug 8, 2:04am
I think the Australian crash test authority ANCAP are a bit peeved because the Importer made false statements. (tried to pull the wool)

crzyhrse, Aug 8, 2:09am
Related to failure of design, not manufacture, of components!

crzyhrse, Aug 8, 2:11am
Fortunately, our eyes are a bit more open than the eyes of those they're use to dealing with domestically.

tshop, Aug 8, 2:17am
If you get T boned you're dead in any car, so WTF, Its tuff at the top, for all, including Chinese, well done for manufacturing an affordable no nonsense car.

trouser, Sep 21, 8:00pm
2 ladder chassis 4x4s, a van and 4 very old cars hardly makes a point.

Not defending Chery at all though.