Ford Falcon steering

brendoooo, Jul 31, 5:23am
Does anyone know if a worn steering iderler will cause 1 to 2 inches of free play just moving the steering wheel from side to side on an xd falcon ute

unbeatabull, Jul 31, 5:26am
What's an iderler!

Free play can be anything from the shaft/knuckle on the rack, play in the tie rods, rack etc

brendoooo, Jul 31, 5:31am
Im not sure looking at buyingone and said it faild a wof on the left hand steering iderler as its worn

realtrader1, Jul 31, 5:33am
Steering idler not iderler.The amount of free play will be determined by the amount of wear.If there is a little wear here and a little wear there throughout the steering system, this will collectively result in free play or it may just be from one or two locations.Take it to a garage or two to have an assessment made.But, yes, one or two inches would be possible.

brendoooo, Jul 31, 5:36am
sweet thanks

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