How do i change a front wheel bearing on a holden

axeman., Sep 19, 8:55am
vy holden commodore 2003

intrade, Sep 19, 8:56am
with Tools

franc123, Sep 19, 8:56am
If you need to ask you probably shouldn't do it.

purple666, Sep 19, 9:00am
Sell it and buy a Ford. Not the cheapest option I might add.

NZTools, Sep 19, 9:01am
Sorry, but i'm a bit busy. lol

evotime, Sep 19, 9:02am
They're complete hubs held on by 3 Allen keys.

bigfatmat1, Sep 19, 9:03am
dont you buy the whole hub assy so you dont replace just bearing

axeman., Sep 19, 9:08am
can i replace just the bearings

evotime, Sep 19, 9:12am
Theyre sealed units so no. Short answer

kevymtnz, Sep 19, 9:15am
quote dont do it

evotime, Sep 19, 9:24am
It won't cost a lot labour wise to pay a mechanic 1/2 hr to 45mins to fit it Unless you have a trade quality Allen key/socket set you won't get the bolts out. If you wreck the heads of the bolts having a go you'll double or tripple the cost of the job

axeman., Sep 19, 9:36am
how much is a wheel bearing

whqqsh, Sep 19, 9:44am
good grief! Allen keys! I usually use those for undoing cap screws, what clever people Holden are, using tools as fastenings

treachug, Sep 19, 10:09am
Genuine! around $580 if I remember. You can purchase aftermarket ones that may last 6 months (have heard reports from a customer) or may last years - depends on quality. Just how much you want to spend on that quality is the telling thing.

treachug, Sep 19, 10:10am
hahaha.saves time on removal!

evotime, Sep 19, 7:55pm
Well done, ok held by 10mm bolts from memory with a female hex

twink19, Sep 19, 8:21pm
people fixing things like wheel bearings that dont know how, warrants being done away with, the roads are going to become one scarryplace

smac, Sep 19, 8:36pm
One of those things isn't happening, and the other has ALWAYS happened.

whqqsh, Sep 20, 4:17am
yeah, cap screws

axeman., Sep 20, 8:21am
Does anyone know if the allen key bolts need to be done up to a certain torque!

shakespeare6, Sep 20, 8:27am
yepand you will need more then an allen key setwill require a socket.also 10mm bolt to remove abs connector from hub left and right hubs are different.
Pirate hubs are arount $180 through BNT but real mixed bag if you get a good one or not. Pay to by genuinewhich are about $450 from holden

axeman., Sep 20, 8:39am
thanks do you know the torque Nm

kingfisher21, Sep 20, 8:59am

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