Airbag steering wheel

r15, Oct 1, 6:19am
does anyone know - toyota in particular if airbag steering wheels can be switched between models -

eg my old non air bag hiace had an old non air bag levin steering wheel

can this be done with newer stuff without making an airbag fault!

franc123, Oct 1, 6:28am
No, SRS components are designed for that specific vehicle only and have to be compatible with the rest of the parts in the system. Even if there were no physical problems with fitting the steering wheel to the column and the connector to the clockspring fitted without mods, the bag itself may have differences that could make it dangerous, eg its volume, shape, and its rate of inflation. An airbag in a van for example may deploy in a different manner than one in a car due to the relationship between the angle of the wheel and windscreen and seat etc. It isnt something you should play with.

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