Cycle Pro 2 Stroke motor help.

attitudedesignz, Sep 29, 3:20am
Hey all. Bought a push bike with one of those 2 stroke motors on it but having a wee bit of trouble getting it going.
(previous owner had it going until they fell off and then parked it up)

There are 2 (a black & a blue) wires coming out of CDI and 3 from Primary Ignition Coil (inside engine) a black, a blue & a white. The blacks go together as do the blues but that leaves the white, which doesn't appear to go anywhere.

Can anyone give me some ideas!

Have removed 'kill' switch as switch part was broken.

pnh4, Sep 29, 3:29am
Not one to kill joy- but dont get pulled up by cops. They're not legal on the roads &personally I think the outfit selling them needs to communicate this better. A friend was pulled over & fined $600 for no rego/ wof & operating motor vehicle on the footpath.

attitudedesignz, Sep 29, 3:33am
Yeah, not too worried 'bout plod. We live rural on a single lane road and last time we saw plod up here they were relatives coming to visit lol.

jmma, Sep 29, 4:28am
What colour are the wires at the kill switch!

eajo1mbwass, Sep 29, 4:32am
it is well under the cc rating for needing a wof so that part is crap even 49 cc scooters do not need wof bur not sure on rego

skin1235, Sep 29, 4:34am
can you get sparks, you haven't mention ht at all, perhaps the engine mag feeds the cdi and thats supposed to feed a small coil ( white wire with another to earth off the coil) or maybe my mental picture is just mental lol

intrade, Sep 29, 4:40am
maybe post some pictures about it with

jmma, Sep 29, 4:50am
CDI = blue to coil, black to earth
Coil = blue to cdi and black to earth, suggest white to kill switch
Sounds like you have it right, make sure white is not earthing out anywhere and make sure earths are earthed (o:

attitudedesignz, Sep 29, 5:17am
Yeah mate, white may go to kill switch but it's broken and completely munted. Kill switch wires are green and yellow/red.
Would like to get it running without kill switch, don't need one.

rlr29, Sep 29, 5:26am
Wire goes to chassis!

jmma, Sep 29, 5:27am
Make sure you disconnect kill switch wires at there start point eg: coil and away you go (o:

skin1235, Sep 29, 5:47am
so the coil is where!, blue wires may join but blacks don't, they go to common earth - to allow the coil to work

attitudedesignz, Sep 29, 5:56am
This is from the installation booklet.

"Take the blue wire to the blue wire, black to black, tie
kill switch to the blue. The white wire is a generator and has a max output of 0.50 amp / 7.5
volt. Anything that draws more current connected to the white wire will kill the engine."

Doesn't say where the white goes tho'. Unless i'm having a senior moment and can't read properly lol.

skin1235, Sep 29, 5:56am
unless you're saying you have a mag coil alongside the flywheel with ht lead from there to plug
in which case the cdi takes the place of points and condensor
(mental picture clears)

blue to cdi, black to earth, on cdi blue from mag, black to earth, as jmma has saidbut you've said the blue and black are joined to each other and no earth in there
as lnog as the white cannot earth out it will be fine

white and black should have the same value on the megi

skin1235, Sep 29, 5:57am
white was never the kill switch, it was to charge a small 6v battery for lights

skin1235, Sep 29, 5:58am
kill would have been connectd to blue, earth that and the engine stops

skin1235, Sep 29, 5:59am
and the white would have gone through a diode rectifier, probably only half wave ( one diode) rather than the full wheatstone bridge setup

attitudedesignz, Sep 29, 6:02am
So to sum up. Black-black & blue-blue, don't worry 'bout white wire or a kill switch!

Thanks skin for ya input.

skin1235, Sep 29, 6:22am
yes but black also has to earth, if you join them and insulate from earth the spark will not spark ( black is internal earth for h/t as well as l/t

skin1235, Sep 29, 6:23am
if you discover you want a kill switch later join a wire to the blues, and have a push ( or lanyard pull ) that earths on activation

attitudedesignz, Sep 29, 6:24am
Thanks mate, will give it a go in the morning.

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