Help with BG5 Subaru Legacy towbar wiring please

ryanm2, Nov 6, 5:16am
you need a single core from the left hand indicator. Just run it under the plastic tray piece that is screwed to the rear of the car.

ryanm2, Nov 6, 5:18am
also, just use those plastic splices before the factory plug. Don't over complicate it, its very easy.

sooby, Nov 6, 5:32am
thanks mate!

sooby, Nov 6, 9:37pm
Ok, so I've run a wire across and into the left indicator, checked with a multimeter & it works.

Now I only have four left to do, however the brown wire is confusing me, as it says it is "rear lamps, clearance & side marker lamps" pin number: 7what on earth do I connect this into!

Also, pin 5 is labelled service brakes (blue) just confirming this is brake light & not rear tail lights!

Any ideas!

mugenb20b, Nov 6, 9:40pm
Tail light power supply.

mugenb20b, Nov 6, 9:41pm
Brake lights = red wire.

therafter1, Nov 6, 9:44pm

Yellow = L indicator
Green = R indicator
Brown = Tail light
Red = Stop light
Black or white = earth

Tail, side and number plate lights should all be connected to the same feed wire.

For normal trailer plug wiring you do not require the other two connections.

sooby, Nov 6, 9:44pm
thanks mugen & therafter1!

sooby, Nov 6, 9:48pm
interesting, the trailer connector legend says black is reversing signal, yet there is no white for earth - surely I use black as earth!If so, is grounding to any bolt on the car body ok, or are some better than others!

mugenb20b, Nov 6, 9:49pm
Use the earth that goes to your tail lights. If there's no other colours left, you can use black as earth.

lookoutas, Nov 6, 10:44pm
I fitted a new tow-bar to a Holden not long ago, and it came with a wiring harness that plugged between the RH light plug. There was also a stray single plug already in the standard wiring, that went to the LH flasher - and there was a mate for it in the Harness.
I have to give Holden credit. It looks so tidy.

I need to wire a plug into my Subaru, and was hoping someone out there made similar harness' for other makes. Anyone know!

I've been contemplating a visit to the local Wrecker armed with a pair of side-cutters, and going "snip -snip" to make my own harness.
Got a flat cable so it can tuck away in the boot

ryanm2, Nov 6, 10:58pm
there is a spare female adaptor cable within the wiring loom on the right rear of subaru legacy's, (well our one had one). I think this could be for a trailer plug hook up.

sooby, Nov 6, 11:07pm
there were a few available female plugs, but I wasn't sure which one works & it wasn't labelled as such in the wiring diagram I had, that would have made life easier, nevermind!

All wired up now, hooking into the tail lights was a mission, as it is located in the tailgate fascia away from the tail light cluster - I traced the wire back & *think* i got it right, will borrow a trailer to test as soon as possible.

Thanks to everyone for your comments, I really appreciate your help!Hope I can return the favour if anyone needs renovation or new house plan advice.


lookoutas, Feb 5, 3:17pm
But you've got a multimeter!
Must have a look for that plug. Which would also mean there's a harness available.