Subaru Legacy 1994

tedybeer, Oct 23, 8:20am
looking for a radiator for a automatic!Reasonably priced and in the Canterbury area pleas.Or does anyone know of wreckers that I could ring too get one :)


hijacka, Oct 23, 11:01am
Is it turbo or non turbo!

tedybeer, Oct 24, 7:38am
Sorry for the delay its non turbo :)

hijacka, Oct 27, 6:28am
I'm guessing its split the plastic tank on the side! You would be better off buying a new one or get your 1 fixed professionally.If thats not a option then there is a permatex DIY Repair kit for plastic radiators tanks thats quite good cost around $30. they call it permanent repair kit but they usually only good for a year or so, still worth doing if there is no other option and you can drive on it 40minutes after repaired, Ive fixed splits 200mm long with it no worries:), i may be jumping the gun about the radiator being split but it is a common fault with the non turbo's.

tedybeer, Jan 21, 2:40pm
hey hijacka,

Thanks for your help, he decided it maybe worth just selling the whole car too one of those places than fixing it as its got more than that wrong with it and he dont have the funds too do it up right now.