New Cam Falcon

v8_mopar, Nov 6, 10:46pm
Needing to replace the lifters so thinking I will put a hot cam in.

What im wanting to know is will I have to change anything else like the ecu setting. I have never done cam mods on a non carbed car before, really old school here

bellky, Nov 6, 10:49pm
i think if it has a maf sensor then all will be good

i know the injected 5.0s are like this (i have one)

thegravelracer, Nov 7, 2:17am
lol dips4i7

unbeatabull, Nov 7, 3:10am
You will notice a small increase with the cams, but to get maximum benefit you really need a ECU Re-Map/Tune

1fordluva, Nov 7, 5:59am
what model of falcon!
If it is a newer model it will have no bearing bar crappy idle and bogging down low.
if you are going to do the camshaft,you have to remapp or flash a suitable tune to the ecu.
Have seen a few people try this and fail,because they havnt done sufficient homework.
Injector duty cycle will be fine if it is a v8.
but this is pointless without a tune to suit camshaft upgrade.

v8_mopar, Feb 7, 4:51pm
Its a xr6 ED. They are only 164kw so low on take off power

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