Is warrently compulsory from Motor Traders?

sukoshiman, Nov 7, 11:54pm
Went with a friend to car sales at weekend and they offer 3yr warrenty on 2nd hand new imported cars, which sounds great. But wonder if they are compulsory as if not needed, will bring finance down

curlcrown, Nov 8, 1:08am
no, but has to be fully insured if financed.

kazbanz, Feb 8, 10:54am
SukoshimanALL cars sold retail (not by auction) are covered under the two consumer laws.This means that the dealer is liable for fair and reasonable repairs. This is law.
So No it is not copulsary to take a mechanical breakdown insurance (the true name of a "warranty" you pay for)
What can happen though is that the dealer may refuse to sell the car unless you take the MBI. Often this is the case with euro vehicles or performance vehicles where they have a reputation for costly repairs.
YES your freind could refuse to take the MBIbut the dealer equally could refuse to sell the car without it