Inside bit is now outside my motor, what is it?

smac, Nov 7, 10:23pm
Sooo.what about all the guys that are adamant that piece is not from this engine. Engine not described correctly!

smac, Nov 7, 10:32pm
Ahh right.

So, this was your car, but had been borrowed when the incident occurred!

smac, Nov 7, 11:37pm
SO.bit breaks off, cylinder down, but bit lurks inside cam cover not hurting anyone.

Mate borrows car, bit suddenly gets in way of other bits and havoc ensues.

I'd say your mate was fanging it in ways you normally don't!

ema1, Nov 8, 2:53am
I also mentioned in my post #11 the possibility of one valve not operating/staying shut and engine still able to run !
What you have discovered has verified Part of what I suspected so all of those "supposed stray bits!" weren't stray at all in the end.
You can count your lucky stars on this one js.b

74nova, Oct 13, 8:49am
A rocker arm.

NZTools, Oct 13, 8:50am
Its a cam follower. It goes between the cam lobe and the valve stem. And you reckon its still running fine! it will have a hell of a miss at least.

lugee, Oct 13, 9:35am
At the least the affected cylinder will be running on 3 valves, power will be down some. Its a bit more than just bolt it back on, engines don't throw cam followers through valve covers for no reason.

alltorque350, Oct 13, 6:16pm
EJ20 quad cams dont have rockers. the cam in directly above the bucket lifter. So this must be off another car. The 1st pic looks like the corner of a cam cover. If it was of your motor there would be a puddle of oil under it.

duran2127, Oct 13, 11:39pm
i need help i am trying to by pass the siemens immobox under the steering collum if possible as my car has been sitting at my mates palce for weeks after changeing my battery
on a subaru inprezza 98 turbo and i dont have a chip key
is there any way to jump the wires on the box
please help

ema1, Oct 14, 9:03am
Has the engine been apart in the past maybe!
Interesting! I'd be pulling the covers off the valve gear to satisfy myself that all is OK in there, multi valve jobs could well still run OK with one valve staying shut! Not sure but how many valves per cylinder does this model Subaru use!
Plus if the rocker come out of this engine I'd imagine there's got to be an "escape" route hole in a cover.right, if it's high up on a valve gear cover you might not get much in the way of an oil leak. Hmmmm interesting that an oil leak hasn't been mentioned actually.

ema1, Oct 14, 9:24am
Is the engine a SOHC or DOHC type version of the EJ20 and what year and what Subaru is it in!

ema1, Oct 14, 9:49am
That rocker looks a bit garked about in the cam face doesn't it!Mmmm

carmedic, Oct 14, 10:29am
It's not out your engine.

ema1, Oct 14, 10:33am
Beat me to it, but have a good ole look around the engine cam box covers anyway for peace of minds sake.
Weird, the parts must have been left lying on the car from another car, possibly a back yarder!

lookoutas, Oct 14, 9:18pm
Would it fit down the filler tube! Someone doesn't like you!

It's a 16 valve, so one valve out of action would not cause a miss - as ema1 eluded to. But you might not even have a valve out if it's a foreign body.

budgel, Oct 14, 9:24pm
Where did it leave from your engine! there would need to be a decent (oily) hole somewhere for it to escape.

ema1, Oct 14, 10:30pm
In that case the cam/valve gear box cover has a sizable hole in it, heck it's strange there being no mention of any oil leak.the plot thickens.
I'm interested in getting to the bottom of this one folks.

ema1, Oct 14, 10:34pm
Those DOHC EJ20E engines are direct bucket tappets aren't they!

carmedic, Oct 14, 11:12pm
The piece of cam cover is definitely from the passenger side cover (the one with oil filler). It??

lookoutas, Oct 15, 6:31am
Sounds like you just need another cover and a LOTTO ticket.

ema1, Oct 15, 9:58am
How much oil did the engine have left in it may I ask!
Sounds like some vindictive sod "apple pied" the car when the previous owner had it.weird and I wonder why.
It's a wonder why Subaru hadn't had some form of "foreign material" screen in the oil filler area anyway!
As said your lucky day and another cam box cover plus possibly a cambelt and cam correctly timed and you'll be Jake mate.
Carefully check the camshaft for damage though and also checking for other foreign bits and pieces in there wouldn't go astray me thinks.

ema1, Oct 15, 10:12am
What distance are we talking of here along where the trail of oil ended where car was stopped back to where the piece of cam cover was found!
Hope it wasn't too far.

bellky, Feb 8, 4:43pm