D i c disqualified drivers

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smac, Nov 9, 6:47pm
If you know enough detail to pin him down (eg name, address, DoB) you can obtain a certificate of particulars from the NZTA. It won't give you a licence number but will tell you whether or not he's licenced.

Sounds like you already know he's not though. Maybe a casual call to the local cop shop on a slow day.

modie61, Nov 9, 6:51pm
Bear in mind if he hits your or someone elses car,would he be covered by insurance !

hatchback, Nov 9, 6:51pm
Yeah get the scum off the road, ring the cops and all going well they will catch him

big.b-lil.c, Nov 9, 6:59pm
sounds like a repeat offender. only a matter of time and luck before someone gets hurt. you know what to do

modie61, Nov 9, 7:11pm
So in other words hes not covered by insurance.

modie61, Nov 9, 7:12pm
There is no question on what to do. Dont star triple 5 him though.

modie61, Nov 9, 7:20pm
Maybe hes got a work licence !

smac, Nov 9, 8:52pm
Yes, without his permission. Check Sec 199 of the 1998 Act.

richard198, Nov 9, 9:34pm
Be careful.

rob_man, Nov 9, 10:00pm
You could always just mind your own business.

smac, Nov 9, 10:42pm
There is, as I posted above. NZTA though, not courts, because it's his licence details you're after though, not his court record (which you can't get). They'll only tell you if he is currently disqualified, not if he was in the past.

You will probably need his full name and DoB, but I think that's available via electoral roll!

The thing is, lets say you do that, and you find out he's disqualified. Then what! You're still left having to contact Police if you want action.

kingfisher21, Nov 9, 11:37pm
So your saying it's alright for a disqualified driver to drive as long as "he's carefull and doesn't attract attention"! Dream on noddy, hope you get wiped out by one of them then.

bellky, Nov 9, 11:38pm
you could keep your nose out of it and save yourself getting a hiding

tinytoolmans274, Nov 9, 11:52pm
so what exactly do you plan on doing with this imformation

bellky, Nov 10, 12:35am
your son sounds like a big man. i aint scared homey

flybye_in_a_rx7, Nov 10, 12:56am
how is OP going to feel if the driver ends up getting drunk and driving again and killing someone, knowing they could have possibly stopped it. its their business because they are using our roads, OP is wanting to make the road a slightly safer place to be which i dont see anything wrong with that. its their business because they made it their business. yes, looking at you

flybye_in_a_rx7, Nov 10, 12:58am
ah OP u already made the point i made above, ah well good on you i hope you nark him in

hamhonda, Nov 10, 1:18am
Yep, mind your own business, that is until he kills someone aye, then it'd be "why didn't you ring the police"

curlcrown, Nov 10, 1:53am
How do you know he lost his liscence for four years! It doesn't sound right, four years for DIC!

rob_man, Nov 10, 2:16am
If he's hooning around being a threat then complain by all means but if he isn't.cest la` vie.

saxman99, Nov 10, 2:31am
OK, let's say you ascertain that he is indeed driving illegally.You dob him in to the cops and they bust him.He gets hauled before his or her honour who tells him he is naughty and don't do it again. Then what!

big.b-lil.c, Nov 10, 2:48am
is that you dad!

modie61, Nov 10, 2:50am
God damn boy,you need to calm the hell down.

bevharris1938, Nov 10, 3:28am
Yep , 4 years doesn't sound right for a DIC , you can get is disqualified indefinitely if you blow double the legal limit , but after 2 years you can reapply for your licence back. Losing it for four years probably means he has injured someone in a crash while drunk.

marte, 6 days, 5 hours
If you drink & drive, you are a bloody idiot.

If you get caught, you are a D.I.C. head.