Honda CRV 1997ish, who has one?

ambo11, Nov 9, 4:46am
and what do you think of it! As in comfort, fuel use and have you done any towing with it! Cheers

johnf_456, Nov 9, 4:53am
scotty20001 does, he swears by them.

kazbanz, Nov 9, 4:58am
I have owned several and they are basicly a tall honda accord 2.0l
They aren't a "real" 4wd in that the trailing wheels only get power when the other set are going a bit faster than them.
As this sort of vehicle in that age bracket is concerned I feel they are by a country mile the best comfort wise,road noise wise. =Towing with them is basicly restricted to the ol 6x4 trailer they really aren't up to serious towing and definitely not up to boat launching.
If you wan't fuel economy then buy a normal 2wd sedan or station wagon. Again for what they arenot super thirsty but there is a bit of mass to push through the air

richardmayes, Nov 9, 5:02am
One of them arse-ended my first Triumph and destroyed it. Its airbags didn't even go off.

So they're good and solid!

pollymay, Nov 9, 5:29am
This, think he really enjoys the experience they offer

ralphdog1, Nov 9, 5:55am
Mrs Dog has had one for 8 years. bought @ 90k, now has 260k, trouble free other than head gasket when radiator top tank cracked, all the water fell out (as you would expect) and that gauge that has C and H on it got ignored (as you would also expect). Can hardly blame Honda for that.

I would reinforce everything Kaz said in Post #3, dead on the money.

ambo11, Nov 9, 6:02am
Thanks guys, wouldn't be towing much if we get one, trailer load of firewood would be about it. Wife likes them so will look around. Cheers

doug207, Nov 9, 6:10am
He cannot say enough about them

mugenb20b, Nov 9, 6:29am
Don't go for a '97, go for the next shape with a 2.4 litre engine. Be aware that some CRVs are not 4wds.

mugenb20b, Nov 9, 6:34am
No, they are not. They have a B20B motor which also powers the Orthia (which is unofficially a Civic S/W), SM-X and StepWagon. Accord never had that engine. Rear suspension and transmission set up is very close if not the same as a Civic / Orthia.

phillip.weston, Nov 9, 6:39am
yeah they are more Civic based like how the Outlander is Lancer based - if anything the Odyssey is a tall Accord.

wilgil, Nov 9, 7:04am
Mine's got about 240k on it now - I enjoy driving it, and it WILL do the boat launch thing pretty well - but then again, I only live 10mins from the ramp. Not so good for long towing trips - becomes a bit thirsty. Regarding the 4WD performance - I'd say it's best suited to shingle roads. A very good, generally underrated wee car.

kazbanz, Nov 9, 8:38pm
heck -it shows what I know.--Ive NEVER seen a 1994 honda civic with a 2.0l injectedDOHC engine but I've seen plenty of accords with 1800/2.0l dohc engines. -I don't nead to learn anything else new today

tinytoolmans274, Nov 9, 10:41pm
we have a 98 crv , average fuel economy , good comfort , average towing ability( someone did say 6 x 4 ). if its auto make sure its all good , ours is slow shifting sometimes but all in all not to bad a vehicle

mugenb20b, Nov 9, 11:22pm
2.0 litre Accord engine is nothing like a CRV 2 litre engine (F20B vs B20B etc). A '94 Civic floor pan and suspension is pretty much identical to a '97-'98 Civic. Honda Orthia, or Partner is technically a Civic, except Honda put a B20B and B18B motors in Orthias.

phillip.weston, Nov 10, 1:41am
No offence but you also made the claim that the Bluebird Sylphy was more or less the same as the earlier generations of Bluebirds. despite the fact that the Sylphy is only a Bluebird by name/association only and is otherwise a tarted up Pulsar sedan.

As explained above, the 2.0 DOHC in the CR-V and Orthia is nothing like the 1.8/2.0 DOHC in the Accord. Also you wont find any 1994 Civic with a 2.0 DOHC engine because he didn't claim that a Civic had that engine - he was saying that the Orthia is essentially a starionwagon version of the Civic, just with the larger displacement engine.

hamhonda, Nov 10, 1:43am
I own a dismantling yard specialising in Honda, the CRV is a pretty good vehicle, the only thing you'll need to do is make sure you get the auto gearbox serviced regularly as they can give problems if they aren't looked after, and as I saw someone else earlier mention the top tanks of the radiators have a habit of cracking.

ambo11, Nov 10, 3:58am
Thanks very much for all replies, will be looking into getting one, as for the radiators, I've had a few Bluebirds and they are shocking for radiators splitting under the filler neck so would keep an eye on it. Looking on the net they are based on a Civic floorpan, but pretty roomy inside. Cheers

jfstyle, Nov 10, 4:03am
i am a owner of a machine but buy a series two oneAbout 99-2000 as they have a improved engine.easy to tell overdrive button on the gear if round in circles to check diff not binding.if it does will need two diff oil changes to fix($200)all these vechiles shudder slightly when power is on.this is normal.
forget it if you are a fast driver as brakes are soft and they are not fast.

kazbanz, Nov 10, 4:15am
JEEZ PW--why not cut to the chase!---Kaz you F### up -gwan man up to it you car dealer you ;-)
My point in BOTH cases thoughis aimed not at those with an intimate knowledge of cars but more the general public with limited ccar knowledge
Explaining to the public that the Pulsar/sunny chasis and enginehas grown so the pulsar is the same size as the older bluebirds isharder than saying it is the latest version of the bluebird.
The same applies to the CRV really. Mental image wise most of the public can picture a 97 ish accord size wise and remember what it looks like under the bonnet.
I know it isn't strictly accurate but the public normally can only make one small mental leap.

poppajn, Nov 10, 4:58am
Very good information here. From this Ican determine that it doe,s have a motor.

richardmayes, Nov 10, 5:21am
The way it was explained to me, the Orthia is a Civic (stationwagon) platform with the 1st-gen CR-V running gear in it.!

Honda - unlike a lot of other manufacturers - DO seem to reinvent the wheel every few years with their engines, which is the reason there are several different generations of 2 litre DOHC engines with nothing in common powering models only a few years apart, and you really DO need to embrace the alphabet soup if you want to get on top of it all. Wikipedia is your friend.

kazbanz, 5 days, 19 hours
Hey PWI rered that first line -Um I mean for YOU to say to me
"gwan man up to it you car dealer you"
not me saying it to you -eeep