Window tinting question

cantab1971, Nov 11, 2:12am
the next thing i want to do to my beamer is tint the windows, cos its like a glasshouse in there at the moment.can anyone recommend a good outfit (preferably north shore) for doing this so that it looks really mint and like the car came out of the factory that way!i saw a grab-one deal the other week with about 50% off but have probably missed out on that now :(

tmenz, Nov 11, 2:41am
There's a place in Sunnybrae Road next to the AA testing station - I think they might be expensive though.

michael.benn, Nov 11, 2:50am
Car Folie. Car Folie, Car Folie, Car Folie.

They do superb work there. Takapuna.

carolchris, Nov 11, 2:52am
car folie tbh

trdbzr, Nov 11, 4:16am
Definitely go to Car Folie. They do a top job. They even had a TreatMe voucher recently, something around $130 for all windows.

cantab1971, Nov 11, 4:41am
thanks everyone. have made contact with Car Folie :)

mugenb20b, Nov 11, 5:25am

neo_psy, Nov 11, 6:39am
Just wait another little while - another discount voucher will be along shortly.

suplyuparts, Nov 11, 8:19am

r15, Nov 12, 9:09am
I emailed car folks a few months back to try to make a job booking as i would only be in auckland for one day.They didn't get back to me at all


I then went to outwest who i had used before and got good service and pricing again
+1 for outwest

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