Ba falcon. Has a bad shake in the steering doesn39t do it all the timejust sometimes and gets worse when braking

hardenbol, Nov 23, 9:51am
has a bad shake in the steering doesn't do it all the timejust sometimes and gets worse when braking.

kingfisher21, Nov 23, 10:02am
Replace, rotors, pads, wheel bearings, ball joints, in that order if you want, thats pretty much just routine maintanence on a BA front end.

unbeatabull, Nov 23, 9:46pm
^ I wouldn't bother with that unless you like spending money. (While it is all stuff that will need replacing at some point, it isn't the cause of your problem)

What you need to do, is machine the front rotors or replace if they are worn below minimum thickness, then set the master cylinder pushrod clearance correctly in the booster/master cylinder. Very common for BA and early BF to have a residual pressure on the master cylinder due to the pushrod not being correctly adjusted, which puts slight pressure on the brakes and causes the rotor's to warp. We had to repair many under warranty and still do fix some that slid through to this day.

therafter1, Nov 23, 9:54pm
Wot he said.

I would start with the machining/replacement of the rotors and pads and have the push rod adjustment checked and adjusted if required to prevent a re-occurrence of the fault.

Additionally, ensure that you pulse brake when towing heavy loads (if you tow), and select a lower gear for long downhills to hold your speed at all times as opposed to sitting on the brakes for long periods of time as that can generate excessive heat and cause the rotors to warp as well.

kingfisher21, Nov 24, 12:30am
If it's still got the OE discs who in their right mind would bother machining them! Ask any disc machinist, the OE castings are absolute junk with hard and soft spots all over them, for the cost of a new set of discs over machining then machining them just simply isn't worth it.

unbeatabull, Nov 24, 12:44am
That's because Disc Machinists don't know the actual fault is caused by the incorrect Master Cylinder/Push rod clearance that causes them to warp.

unbeatabull, Nov 24, 2:43am
And I forgot to mention heavy towing or constant mountain driving/heavy brake work. Which causes any car's brakes to warp.

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