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rosiejoy, Dec 21, 9:03am
Took my car in for a service last week, and have only just noticed that the service place / dealer has put new number plate surrounds on the car. It previously did not have any, but now it screams out with the company's name. I have now removed them, but am unsure how I feel about it - surely it costs $$ for these plastic things, and takes someone at least a few minutes to attach them, so surely there is some sort of cost involved! Considering I didn't ask for it, they didn't ask me, Is it worth kicking up a fuss!

smac, Dec 21, 9:05am
To what end! By all means tell them what you think about it, including not using them again,but don't expect any result.

morrisman1, Dec 21, 9:06am
yeap, go back and express your displeasure and that tampering with someone's car is absolutely not acceptable practice. At the very least they will have heard and hopefully listened to a customer's opinion

thunderbolt, Dec 21, 9:07am
Its called advertising, if it bugs you that much, ring and complain.
Same thing happened to my car at last dealers service, I took them off.
Took less time than ringing them to complain.

noswalg, Dec 21, 9:08am
Not really, you have removed them so no longer an issue. It is a bit cheeky though, tyre shops and the like putting stickers on windows without asking is the same but hey they're in business and are just trying to get away with a bit of free advertising, Next time be sure to tell them not to put them on.

thunderbolt, Dec 21, 9:09am
Its not a new practice, a place I worked at in the mid 90's put a sticker on the back window on every car we worked on.
Only remember one complaint, woman drove 40 mins each way to get the sticker removed.
Petrol must have been cheaper then.

rosiejoy, Dec 21, 9:12am
You all make very good points. Consider them removed and forgotten about.I wonder if I took in an old Lada, if they would do the same. (cue doubling the value remarks.)

johnf_456, Dec 21, 9:14am
Yip, if not ask them how much they are paying you to advertise. lol

carstauranga001, Dec 21, 9:15am
Farmer Motor Village by any chance!

kevymtnz, Dec 21, 9:18am
just like the darn adverts on a web page hard to stop them

cuda.340, Dec 21, 9:23am
my last Toyota had nothing on the plate til it went in for a service. i took them back off when i realised what the service company had done but over the next 2 years it had surrounds fitted every service. they don't charge for them & it's part of the service, bit like bumper stickers some garages use. don't give it a second thought, unless you want to sell them on TM

morrisman1, Dec 21, 9:23am
havn't you got ad-block! I hardly ever see an advert these days.

thejazzpianoma, Dec 21, 10:00am
. or Village Idiot's for short.

mber2, Dec 21, 10:31am
If you are happy with the service then why not advertise them for others to see your satisfied with them

kazbanz, Dec 21, 12:15pm
OP- doncha think maybee theres more important stuff to worry about!--If you don't want them then tell the manager.

gadgit3, Dec 21, 7:09pm
Funny how some people see these things. I work at a dealership and yes we fit plate frames to all cars that come in the door with none on. In the 13 years I have been here I can remember only 3 people asking to have them removed. But we have alot of customers that ask for them or to renew them when they fade. I had a customer in on Tuesday that broke one when she washed the car and came in just to buy another. We dont charge them out so she was very pleased when I said they are free.

gammelvind, Dec 21, 7:14pm
First world problems lol.

whqqsh, Dec 21, 7:17pm
I hate it when anyone touches or does something to someones car without the owners permission, this includes windscreen washers at lights that squirt their crap dishwashing liquid without asking (in fact I should be able to sit at the lights unharrassed anyway)
Number plate surrounds are tacky rubbish & are advertising plain & simple, I remove them as soon as I buy a car (maybe if someone reallly wants them on my car we could come to a financial arrangement lol)

thunderbolt, Dec 21, 7:17pm
And then ask VTNZ for an adverstising fee to cover the sticker they place over the WOF, and the oil compnaies who insist on having their brand on the lube stickers they supply, and the glass companies who replace the Rego pocket with their branded version when they fit a new screen.

It happens in many places all over your car, you just dont see it.

albundy, Dec 21, 7:28pm
A few years ago, before eftpos and atms, a local couple were away on holiday in the North Island. They were staying at a motel and had their car parked outside the unit, complete with numberplate frames from their garage in their home town. Intruders broke into the unit during the night, and robbed them of their cash and tied them both up. I think they caught them- the thieves saw the numberplate frames and knew they were away from home and would have cash.

rob_man, Dec 21, 7:50pm
There is probably something in that, I know I automatically clock that a car's from out of town if it has some sort of regional marking like that.

bwg11, Dec 21, 8:29pm
Yep. Get over it.

poppajn, Dec 21, 9:18pm
FFS, next thing we won,t be wanting service sticker,s; WOF,s or anything else to show the garages name.
As for post#20, just because the car hasa surround sayingXYZ Motor,s, it does,ntmeanthe owner come,s fom there. Mine say,s a car sales in Gore, I don,t live anywhere near there.

gadgit3, Dec 21, 10:17pm
So it wasn't the fact they were staying in a motel that pointed to the fact they were from out of town! lol

richardmayes, Dec 21, 10:51pm
I was flattered when I found a little "Firestone" sticker in the corner of my old Triumph's rear windscreen after a wheel alignment. To wanttheir name on there, the cap-on-backwards lads in the tyre shop must have thought she looked pretty fast for an old pommy car.

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