Brake warning light

v8_mopar, Dec 26, 10:07pm
This light has just come up on the dash telling me my front pads have seen better days but how far can one drive with them now! Would it be safe to drive the car back to Dunedin from Christchurch or just up the road to get a new set of pads here before heading home!

clark20, Dec 26, 10:09pm
Only real way to tell is look at them, the light may mean low fluid

babyonboardnz, Dec 26, 10:56pm
easy, old car no wear indicator, new car should have wear indicators they make a grinding noise when brakes are pressed hard while moving, put a torch underneath to check pad wear, also a set of pads should be cheaper than two new disks, when you got your last warrent they should of told you your wear levels, eg need done soon , you get 6months as long as you dont go far, just remmember thats five hours of travel back and you mite need them on the way back over those hills you have down there

a.woodrow, Dec 27, 12:55am
you get 6 months!! what planet are you on. if they are worn, they are worn and need replaced. brake pad thickness isn't measured at wof time, it is only ensured that there is enough to pass the wof at the time. nothing passed in a wof inspection is guaranteed to last 6 months

40wav, Dec 27, 1:02am
Take eack front wheel off (the back will most likely be fine, although you should check them also but perhaps at a more convenient time) and check the pads. It's unlikely you'll see anything without removing the wheel. If there at least a few mm of meat left on, that'll get you home but you'll need to change them soon. Top up your brake fluid res and the light will probably go out. Safe travels.

msigg, Dec 27, 2:36am
Just check the fluid level and then as mentioned check the pads, all should be ok , they have a large safety factor built into the system, its a friendly warning to get something looked at. Such drama merchants around.

morrisman1, Dec 27, 3:19am
Just do a visual check of the pads but probability of you being able to make the trip is 99%. Think, a 10mm thick friction surface often lasts 100,000km depending on the driver so even if you have 2mm left there is plenty to make a safe trip. Brake effectiveness is not affected by amount of pad material left until you run out!

tigra, Dec 27, 3:23am
+1. To set your mind at rest do a quick visual check

babyonboardnz, Dec 27, 9:56am
not yours by the looks get a rugby team first a!

depends on pad types , asbestos, ceramic race, keep shoping at the warehouse mate, hear read this link and learn something useful eg.

carmad50, Dec 27, 10:16am
get a new set fittedbeing safe and all that and there s alot a hills to go downwith no brakes bud way home why risk it

v8_mopar, Dec 27, 12:16pm
Cheers all. After checking there is about 3mm on 3 pads and 2 mm on the last. Think ill push her home before changing as I can do the job at home and she's a manual so not to hard on the brakes.

thunderbolt, Dec 27, 9:35pm
You are telling someone with first hand knowledge to look at Wiki to learn about brakes!
OMFG when does school return!

tigra, Dec 27, 9:37pm
At least you can do your trip reasonably secure in the knowledge that you should make it home safely.

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