O/T Welding turn table motor

tnt423, Jan 29, 8:32am
I'm wanting to build an electric turn table for welding but have no idea about what sort of electric motor to use, any ideas as to what I could use would like to keep the cost cheap as possible, has to hold about 10-20kg Cheers.

pge, Jan 29, 8:39am
Washing-machine motor!

their load is usually about 10+Kg.

Just use a range of pulleys to gear it down, and fit a rheostat to control speed.

speeedy1, Jan 29, 8:42am
To keep the electric motor independantof currents. I would have thought that you should drive it via a toothed belt and pulleys and an independent variable motor; or motor/gearbox combo. See the local picknmix auto or whiteware wrecker :-)
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austingtir, Jan 29, 8:46am
An old treadmill motor and round plate at the appropriate size and 4 long bolts with nuts welded to the circle to form the jaws of a chuck.

If you can get the variable speed control out of it that would be a bonus aswell.

unideck, Jan 29, 9:01am
Sewing machine motor, comes with the foot control which is good. I built one years ago, works awesome.

mrfxit, Jan 29, 9:06pm
Spot on.
ALL electrical gear has to be isolated from the turntable otherwise you will fry the gear the moment you start welding.

Motor isolated via rubber or synthetic mounts of some sort & drive belt or fiber/ nylon drive cogs.

smac, Jan 29, 9:09pm
I've got an old cheap-crap drill press here that the chuck is knackered on. Was going to chuck it to scrap steel but maybe the motor is good for something like this if rigged up with an AC speed controller. Already has 4-5 different sized pulleys hanging off the output shaft, and you could re-mount the chuck pulleys onto a turntable.

skiff1, Jan 29, 11:10pm
not sure if the gearbox will be heavy enough! What are you rotating! A pulp digester!

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