Who's up for motor/trans conversion?

wombletomble, Feb 25, 9:53pm
Im about to buy a 1957 damlier classic and I want to transplant a RD28 motor and trans into it, or something along those lines, Any one keen to do the job! I need a quote for the whole package from drive in to drive out. Possibly running gear as well.

I dont have the motor yet and yes it might be against god to bastasize a classic but hey thats just me. I want a daily driver with classic styles and the reliability of a late model vehicle.

I will check back threw out the day for any comments or help for my adventure : )

jason18, Feb 25, 9:54pm
I will do it for 50k

jason18, Feb 25, 9:55pm
That includes a new set of glow plugs

wombletomble, Feb 25, 9:55pm
thats a great offer, might be a touch over budget

monsieurl, Feb 25, 11:01pm
Why would you use an RD, why not an RB!!

My guess with all the work needed to modify and install it, a full engine rebuild etc you will be looking at around 10k give or take 2-3k

hopie, Feb 25, 11:09pm

wombletomble, Feb 26, 12:20am
rb20 are ok but im after a smaller consumption and the RD28 are not bad for power and fuel consumption

flack88, Feb 26, 1:29am
The LD 28 with a turbo be the betta choice,those RDs are pigs,seen 5 series bmw with ld28t and manual box,went like a raped ape,looked like it was ment to be thar!

wombletomble, Feb 26, 4:44am
RD or something similar that is quiteish and has a bit of power, going like a raped ape is ok if your into that sort thing but just going nicely will be cool enough for me : )

hatchback, Feb 26, 5:16am
Flag the RB/RD's, go VP 3.8 V6 and auto, nice and compact and good power for a small engine

sr2, Feb 26, 5:37am
I'm no expert but I dont recall a 57 Daimler Classic, are you sure you don't have a Daimler Conquest!

by_hdt, Feb 26, 5:56am
Don't go diesel unless you put a modern one in, I love diesels but those old injector pump (and sometimes non-turbo even) diesels are rattly pigs that work great in tractors, buses, trucks, for towing boats etc but are hopeless for going fast or even keeping up with traffic in some situations. Stick with petrol, good options include commodore V6, Rover/Land Rover V8, Nissan RB20/RB30, Toyota JZ and M engines, Ford Cologne V6.

That been said, is it worth butchering a classic!

franc123, Feb 26, 6:24am
One wonders if the OP has even driven, let alone lived with an RD28. They're not powerful, quiet OR reliable, and economy is nothing special. They're an ancient petrol based engine that wasn't good at anything and should have been buried along with the horrid 80's and 90's imports it was fitted to, it was the first Nissan diesel that was worse than the engine it replaced. About the only positive is at least if something does blow up it will be cheaper to sort out than a modern CR motor.

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