vladtheimpaler, Feb 25, 5:38am
Anyone know the bolt diameter that holds on the front brake disc in the centre!I measured it at 25mm or is this incorrect!Its the only bloody socket size i dont have hahahaha.cheers!The car is a 1992 Toyota Corolla sedan 4 af carby .

panicky, Feb 25, 5:43am
the brake rotor is a hat type isn't it!nothing holding it on apart from the wheel, maybe a couple of coutersunk screws and the caliper and caliper mount itself is in the way .

vladtheimpaler, Feb 25, 5:46am
yeah thts right, i want to take the disc off to get to the wheel bearings

unbeatabull, Feb 25, 5:50am
Disc comes off seperately as above, remove caliper/brakes and it comes off. The Nut holdes the driveshaft/CV Joint into the hub which will have to be removed anyway to do the wheel bearings.

vladtheimpaler, Feb 25, 5:54am
yeah whats the diameter of tht nut please!

thunderbolt, Feb 25, 5:56am
I thought they were 32mm.
Why are you trying to get to the wheel bearing!

unbeatabull, Feb 25, 5:57am
I thought 30 or 32mm as well. Most Axle nuts are at least 28mm ranging up to 36mm for the majority.

panicky, Feb 25, 6:01am
If you are trying to replace the bearing, I would pull it apart 1st and make sure it hasn't spun in the hub

vladtheimpaler, Feb 25, 6:05am
Yeah i just want to check it out i can hear a whining coming from that side so im just eliminating as much as possible,the car has done 257 thou so they are probably well due.Pretty easy car to work on really quite surprised its been a bloody saviour! lol

jmma, Feb 25, 6:05am
lol, that's what OP is trying to do, what dia is the nut!(o:

zooki007, Feb 26, 4:41am

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