Toyota Corolla Question .4AF & 5AFE Engines.

ema1, Dec 10, 3:42am
Can the engine block from a 4AF or 4AFE engine have the head off a 5AFE and it's EFI gear fitted to it!
Basically what I'm saying is with a JDM Corolla AE91 FX-ZS with a 5AFE engine, will the 4AF block be a straight swap (if it does swap) or will the EFI system need changes done also after the 5FAE head etc is able to be swapped onto a 4AF or 4AFE block!
Just curious, is there any advantage in power in the 4AFE over the 5AFE seeing there's only about 200cc difference between them!

mugenb20b, Dec 10, 3:57am
No, but there will be if you stick a 16 valve 4AGE head on.

ema1, Dec 10, 9:29am
Bump .Any more takers!

trdbzr, Dec 10, 10:47pm
why bother with that swap when a 16v 4age will be a much better option!

ozz1, May 23, 5:41pm
yes it can.butno noticeable power increase.